Medical & Health

Lean Drink: How to Make & Side Effects

Recently, lean drink, a party concoction mentioned by various celebrities is becoming popular. Teenagers are curious about its flavor and effects. However, before tasting or drinking this trendy blend, one must first learn everything about it to ensure that your…
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Social Science

Physical Science

Earth Science

Earthquake & Tsunami Science

What causes earthquakes? Hundreds of earthquakes occur every year. Most earthquakes do little damage, but a few can cause terrible destruction, in which many people are hurt or lose their lives. Scientists who study earthquakes are called seismologists. These scientists…
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About the Extinct Mega Predator Andrewsarchus

Andrewsarchus mongoliensis, normally known simply as Andrewsarchus, is – at least within the known fossil record – the largest carnivorous mammal ever to live on land. Named after the paleontologist who discovered it, Roy Andrews, Andrewsarchus currently survives only in…
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