How Solar Powered Batteries Work

The nomenclature “solar battery,” was first coined by scientists at Bell Laboratories in the early 1960’s,  referring to a semiconductor device that converts solar radiation—specifically photons of ultraviolet light— into an electrical

Discovery of Buckyballs in Planetary Nebula

In July 2010, Canadian astronomers at the University of Western Ontario announced the first evidence of naturally forming complex carbon-based compounds called fullerene, informally known as “buckyballs,” in a planetary nebula about

How Skin Cells can now be used to Mimic Stem Cells

Embryonic stem cell research is a vastly controversial but highly prospective line of study for scientists, trying to break into alternative methods of treating diseases. Recent work by three different groups of

Best Scientific Discovery of 2008

Invisibility has always been a popular idea. From the cloak that Harry Potter wears to long forgotten legends from eons ago. However in 2008 the idea of invisibility has become closer to

What is Vascular Imaging in Ultrasound and why is it done

Mention the word “ultrasound” and many people picture a scan done during pregnancy. Gel is applied to the skin and a probe slid non-invasively over the abdomen transmitting data, which is translated

Weather Versus Climate

Before there was TV and Radio that broadcast weather warnings via the tools meteorologists use today, there were natural signs and conditions most people used to speculate on impending weather. Many of

Diseases will be Prevented by Nanobots Bacterial and Viral Delivery Systems

There are various ways a person will be able to live beyond 100, 200, or maybe even 1000 thanks to medical trechnology in the future. Eating and drinking the right things for

Large Hadron Collider

The best Scientific discovery of 2008 was not simply a discovery, but the ability to see decades of scientific and technological advancements come to fruition. This year became the year that we

In the Future many Patients may not have a Choice

Today we have limited use of robots for surgery. In the future, even clinics will have robots for simple surgical procedures. First off, I refer to them as mediunits. That is what

Difference between Weather and Climate

Often, outlining the difference between related concepts is as easy as establishing the relationship between them. The difference between weather and climate is easily understood by establishing the relationship between them. Weather