The Stages in the Development of Hurricanes

Hurricanes develop gradually, but once fully formed, they may actually last for weeks, wreaking destruction whenever they make landfall. They develop from the slightest disturbance, going through various stages in the process.

Why you should not Drive through a Flooded Road

Driving in a flood is extremely dangerous, and not just because what you thought was a puddle might turn out to be a lake.  Even a few inches of water can send

Healing the Hole in the Ozone Layer

The ozone layer is crucially important to life on planet Earth.  Without the ozone layer, only the most primitive of life forms would be able to exist. The ozone layer currently has a

What was the Heliocentric Model of the Universe

For a long time, the concept that the Earth was the centre of the Universe held sway.  It was believed that everything else, including the Sun revolved around it.  Simple observation of

Logical Thinking

It would be a great temptation for a person who is logical minded to say that there is never a time when we should not think logically. Likewise, someone who doesn’t think

Causes and Consequences of Fear

There are many things that we can be scared of or that bring about fear in us all in some way. What most people overlook however is that all fear actually comes

What causes Shooting Stars

A shooting star can be anything that enters the earth’s atmosphere, from comets, to meteors, to old satellites, amongst a host of other things.  Any bit of old metal debris, or cosmic

How to Photograph Lunar Eclipses

Watching the Moon pass through the Earth’s shadow is quite an awe inspiring event to witness.  The Sun, Earth, and Moon all lying in a straight line cause this eclipse.  Although the

Tips on Learning the Constellations Myths behind the Constellations and how Stars got their Names

Mythology influenced the naming of many celestial bodies including the constellations and the names of the main constellations have changed little since ancient times. Star patterns within the constellations will always stay the

Astronomy how to use a Star Chart

Knowing how to implement a star chart effectively is imperative if you wish to familiarize yourself with stars and constellations. With a little practise, one can become familiar with the night sky