Top 7 Common Allergies

Having an allergy means that your body is sensitive to a substance that to most people is harmless. The substance causing the symptoms is called an allergen. Because the offending allergen is usually a specific protein, people may be allergic…
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Social Science

10 Reasons to Date a Younger Man

Written by Benscudder – Older Women and Younger Men Are Getting Together Takeaways The whole younger man/older woman scenario generally plays out better when kids are not involved An older woman is much more tactful about traps and snares at…
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Physical Science

Lithium Toxicity: Causes & Symptoms

Lithium is a medication prescribed for bipolar mania and resistant depression. It is a drug with very simple chemical structure but with complex mechanism of action. In addition The medication can easily become toxic and lithium toxicity can be lethal….
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Earth Science

Earthquake & Tsunami Science

What causes earthquakes? Hundreds of earthquakes occur every year. Most earthquakes do little damage, but a few can cause terrible destruction, in which many people are hurt or lose their lives. Scientists who study earthquakes are called seismologists. These scientists…
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