Skywatcher Focuser Review

A good focuser is of the utmost importance to the visual observer as well as the astrophotographer. After all, what use are the best optics in the world if you can’t bring

Safe Alternatives to Salt for Ice Removal

Ice removal and prevention is a recurring problem for property maintenance in Snow Belt areas. Inexpensive salt has been used extensively for years by homeowners, road maintenance crews and municipalities to control

Depression is Society Taking the Wrong Approach

As a biologist and as someone who has suffered from depression most of my life, I can safely state that society is taking the wrong approach in diagnosing, treating, and living with

How to see a Comet and Factors that Influence Visibility of a Comet

Composed mainly of frozen debris and gases left over from the formation of the solar system, as comets approach the earth these icy pieces are heated by the warmth of the Sun,

Going to Mars

Before we can think of going to Mars, it first must be thoroughly accepted that we do so safely through studies, research, dirt samples, oxygen capability, aspects of travel, and whatever else

Law as an effort to protect and maintain social control

News media reports come out almost daily with laws that have passed (and sometimes what didn’t make it into law). There are laws and more laws, with laws regulating laws telling us

Data indicates warmer Antarctic regions during Earth’s Eocene epoch

Swimming in the Antarctic Ocean or sitting on the polar water front with only a t-shirt on was possible around 50 million years ago; this was a period of time in Earth’s

Genetic disorders: Loeys-Dietz syndrome

Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS) is a genetic disorder named after Dr. Bart Loeys and Dr. Hal Dietz at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They were the first to describe the disorder in

How Lakes Affect Snowfalls Lake Effect Snow

Cold air is usually dry air. That’s why really cold places don’t get a lot of snow. However, a large lake or ocean can change all that. When cold Arctic air sweeps

Biography Norman l Skene

Who was Norman L. Skene, an MIT graduate born 1878 and lived till 1932 and proved himself as nothing  but a genius of many different disciplines; i.e., a mathematician, a man of