Passive Aggression

Passive-aggression refers to subtle, often renounced, resistance or obstructionist behaviours that have multiple causes. While this phenomenon originated as an attempt to classify covert, non-compliant behaviour, it can also be a trait,

Types of Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of human culture through material goods. These goods can include structures, artifacts, and organic material. The specific type of artifact to be examined determines which branch of archeology

Google Earth Archaeology

Technologies such as Google Earth and its rivals have proved a boon to archaeologists of all types. Many people will argue that sitting at home viewing satellite images is no substitute for

Ancient Inca Culture how Inca Kings were Mummified

Mummies have been a fascination for many people all over the world. When King Tut was unearthed years ago the world became even more enthralled with the idea of not only seeing

Mass Extinctions

Extinction is the death of every member of a species. Mass extinction is the death of several species in the same time period. There have been several mass extinctions since life first

When Agriculture Began

The  actual first beginnings of agriculture started so long ago and in so many places it’s hard to be specific about the precise origins but the following are the probabilities of what

The most Amazing Archaeological Dig Sites

Strange and amazing archaeological digs have given rise to mythical modern adventurers like Indiana Jones, Laura Croft and Benjamin Gates. These characters have captured the imagination of several generations and evoked a

Why do some People Complain about everything

People who complain about everything avoid taking responsibility for their lives, and it’s easy to have a long list of excuses why they aren’t reaching their goals. Without knowing it, they’re focusing energy and attention on things

Mental Illness Passive Aggressive Abuse Mental

Passive-aggressive personalities are people that pretend to comply with the rules, desires or needs of others, but passively resist in the same breath with their actions. In the process, the person becomes

Archaeological Ethics

Archaeological ethics are the moral principles that guide an archaeologist in the pursuit of his or her profession. The issues covered range from respect for the dead to conservation of artefacts to