The Legacy of Abraham Maslow

Among all the tools available to us from the discipline of psychology, Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is arguably the most applicable across all of society. This theory describes how human actions

The Nature of IQ Tests

If you do a quick google search you’ll find thousands of sites offering IQ tests, if you do each one of these tests you’ll end up with at least a hundred different

Tips for Choosing a Psychology Major

There are several factors to consider when choosing a major in psychology for graduate study. In your preliminary research, you have probably noticed the range of possibilities in the psychology field. Sub-categories

How you know if you need to see a Psychiatrist

How to know if you need to see a Psychiatrist. You should seek psychological counseling or therapy if you have stress, anxiety, depression or other disorders that seriously affect your life. In

How to tell if your Psychiatrist is a Quack

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve come here with some reason to believe your psychiatrist is not legitimate. There are red flags of quackishness and pale pink flags of

An Overview of Careers in Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating and exciting field. Once a person decides she wants to study psychology, the next step will be selecting the career path she wants to pursue. Depending on the

How you know if you need to see a Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist can diagnose mental disorders and prescribe appropriate medication if needed. If you have a condition that has lingered for more than two weeks and does not respond to your own

Alternatives to getting Psychological help

One of the main reasons psychological counseling works for many people is that talking about your problems helps you to sort them out and to get another person’s perspective on them. While

A brief History of the Hubble Space Telescope

While the Hubble telescope was launched in 1990, the idea behind it was launched much earlier. In 1946, a professor and researcher from Yale, Lyman Spitzer came up with the idea. He

The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope was first launched January 24,1990. On board it carried a variety of cameras and spectrographs and supposedly, everything imaginable it would need to overcome atmospheric deterrents to learning