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New Study Sexy Images can cause Temporary Blindness

Based on my experience growing up in the U.S. most of us, most boys at least, had heard that a certain sexual activity causes blindness. Of course in adulthood we realized that

Why Airplanes Make so much Noise

The noise created by airplanes can be attributed to two factors. 1 Engine noise. 2. The reaction between air and the fuselage. For people who live close to an airport or live

How Aircraft Flight Control Systems Work

The flight controls of an aircraft are the essential systems that ensure aircraft stability, ease of coordinated flight, aerodynamic stability, and proper distribution of stresses related to flight. In order for a

Why Airplanes Make so much Noise

Do you remember how quiet the skies were in the days following the 9/11 attacks? The level of noise we endure was impossible to ignore once airplane flights resumed. Few places on

Aviation Impacts on the Environment

If you have ever been near an airport as jetliners are forced against their will to reach speeds that can sustain flight, you have watched the black remnants of burned fuel pour

What is Nanotechnology

“Eons of evolution and millennia of history have prepared this challenge and quietly presented it to our generation. The coming years will bring the greatest turning point in the history of life

Flight Test Programs for Aircraft

The first test flights were seat of the pants affairs performed by the best and bravest pilots. Now, many millions of dollars are at stake, possibly even the company’s survival. Every detail

Silent Aircraft Initiative

The Silent Aircraft Initiative is a movement with a radical and drastic agenda. The purpose of the Silent Aircraft Initiative is to develop the concept of a design for an aircraft that

Aircraft Flight Control Systems

Aircraft flight control systems are an essential part of any aircraft. If we were without flight control systems, the aircraft would never get where it needs to go. Understanding aircraft flight control

Biography Sir George Cayley

Though not well known to many who have glanced into the world of aviation, George Cayley was truly one of the pioneers of flight, a man who developed an interest in the