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Depression is Society Taking the Wrong Approach

As a biologist and as someone who has suffered from depression most of my life, I can safely state that society is taking the wrong approach in diagnosing, treating, and living with

Law as an effort to protect and maintain social control

News media reports come out almost daily with laws that have passed (and sometimes what didn’t make it into law). There are laws and more laws, with laws regulating laws telling us

Why a Human being needs Solitude

As a person, I value my solitude or “me time.” With all of the things I have seen, experience, and hope to accomplish, I value my solitude at the top of the

Existence of Mental Illness

Mental illness does indeed exist. There are many who claim it does not, but then the historical and modern-day study of the brain and all the minute details of it have been

Mental Illness

There is a popular concept on our cultural horizon called the medical model of mental illness; otherwise known as a malady called mental illness that derives from the medical model. Just what

What is Lucid Dreaming

We all dream, even those of us who think they don’t! Some of us even dream while we are awake. But let’s turn that around. How would you like to be awake

Psychosexual Development

One of Sigmund Freud’s greatest studies was the analysis of a phobia in a five year old boy, Little Hans in 1909 which he integrated his recent theory on infantile sexuality; which

Humanity 20 Consciousness Rising

To this day, the Internet has been growing for roughly 30 years, but the commercially accessible web as we know it is not yet 15 years old. Early economic models of the

Dealing with Negative Behavior

One of my most challenging aspects of my job as a nursing manager is dealing with negative behaviors. It takes skill and patience to effectively handle the challenging employee who puts a

School Bus Bullying

There needs to be a voice for students everywhere who are caught in the middle between unruly school bus students and their parent, the school bus driver. You don’t have to be