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Information on Todays Animals that Lived with Dinosaurs

It is astounding that dinosaurs lived on this planet for approximately 248 to 65 million years ago. It is logical to think that some of today’s animals that remains on earth made

Ten Myths about Dinosaurs

There are almost as many reasons why popular myths about dinosaurs appear as there are myths. Just about all knowledge that can be gained from dinosaurs comes from fossil records and this

Prehistoric Climates Paleozoic Era Mesozoic Era Triassic Period

Throughout the age of dinosaurs, beginning in the late Paleozoic era and ending during the Cretaceous period, the creatures endured major climate change on more than one occasion. Although it is theorized

Cloning a Dinosaur

Technology seems to be the master of this world. It can do anything. Michael Crichton’s stunning tale of an Amusement park filled with cloned dinosaurs fired the imagination of an impressionable public.

What Dinosaurs Ate

Dinosaurs were a large subgroup of the reptile class; they dominated the terrestrial environments of our planet Earth for 160 million years, up until approximately 65 million years ago. They all belonged

Ornithischia Bird Hipped Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are a type of reptile that existed millions of years ago. They thrived for nearly 165 million years. The last dinosaur died off nearly 65 million years ago. The only evidence

Dinosaur Herbivores Carnivores and Omnivores

In the time of the dinosaurs the earth was a much different place than it is today, but the food chain was still occupied by creatures categorized as being either carnivorous, herbivorous,

Cloning Dinosaurs a near Impossibility

Dinosaurs have captivated the imagination of people across generations since the the word was first coined in the late 19th century by Sir Richard Owen. Over the next century dinosaurs became part

History of Dinosaur Discovery

Thinking humans, Homo sapiens, made their presence known about 100,000 years ago. Dinosaurs had already been extinct for 65 million years. Early man may well have noticed the strange bones that later

Dinosaur Extinction

The reptiles we classify under the superorder Dinosauria, and commonly call dinosaurs, consisted of a vast array of different species. While species of dinosaurs roamed and dominated the terrestrial (land) environments of