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How to use an Abacus to Speed up Solving Math Problems

The abacus is a counting tool, used to help speed up mathematical calculations, and has been in use since ancient times. An abacus consists of beads strung on wires that run across

How Decimals indicate Fractions

A fraction is a ratio between two integers and also represents division. The top number of a fraction is called the numerator and the bottom number is called the denominator. The fraction

When did the Millennium Begin

On New Year’s Eve, December 1999, many persons were on the countdown to the new millennium. Others contended that the new millennium would not begin until January 1 2001. To this day,

Lagrangian Mechanics

Though brachistochrone means “shortest time” in Greek, the set of problems originated with the Swiss mathematicians, John (1677-1748) and James Bernoulli.(1654-1705). It was John Bernoulli who first posed the problem of finding

Famous Mathematicians

If God spoke a language, it would be mathematics.  Ever since the Ancient Greeks started to analyze the world around them, humanity has used numbers to describe the world around them.  Mathematics

How to Rate a Statistical Graph

Statistical, or pseudo-statistical are everywhere around us. Many of the media articles quoting statistical or survey data are accompanied by graphs, and statistical graphs are also essential part of scientific and business

Can you Divide by 0 – Yes

Ah zero, such an interesting number. A number even today we do not know much about. One of the most popular questions asked today of course is: Is it really impossible for

Math Statistics and Probability

For many, statistics and probability are the most fun aspects of mathematics.  These two related sub categories involve much more of the doing that can make math interesting and fun.  Statistics are

Why is the Euler Mascheroni Constant Important

The Euler-Mascheroni Constant, typically written as the letter γ (a lowercase Greek gamma) is a constant found in many places in number theory and analysis.  It can be defined as the limit as

Mathematics Graphs and Charts

Graphs and charts are a way that data and statistics can be presented. As such, there are a variety of graphs and charts such as bar graph, correlation graph, line graph and