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Safe Alternatives to Salt for Ice Removal

Ice removal and prevention is a recurring problem for property maintenance in Snow Belt areas. Inexpensive salt has been used extensively for years by homeowners, road maintenance crews and municipalities to control

Data indicates warmer Antarctic regions during Earth’s Eocene epoch

Swimming in the Antarctic Ocean or sitting on the polar water front with only a t-shirt on was possible around 50 million years ago; this was a period of time in Earth’s

How Lakes Affect Snowfalls Lake Effect Snow

Cold air is usually dry air. That’s why really cold places don’t get a lot of snow. However, a large lake or ocean can change all that. When cold Arctic air sweeps

Biography Norman l Skene

Who was Norman L. Skene, an MIT graduate born 1878 and lived till 1932 and proved himself as nothing  but a genius of many different disciplines; i.e., a mathematician, a man of

The advance and retreat of ice sheets

The advance and retreat of ice sheets has been occurring for millennia. Ice sheets grow when snow accumulates faster than it melts. As the snowfall accumulates, its weight presses down on earlier

Hurricane Facts

Hurricanes, they are massive weather systems that are spawned in the Caribbean sea and Atlantic Ocean every summer between the months of May and October.  Interestingly enough, storms of this type in

Difference between Tornado Watch and Warning

The United States experienced its first tornado outbreak of 2010 last  week, as tornadoes ravaged large portions of the Deep South and Mississippi River Valley. On average, the United States records more

Signs of Spring

SIGNS THAT SPRING HAS ARRIVED Depending on the weather I usually start to notice signs of spring round about the middle of February at approximately the time of Saint Valentines day, which many years ago

Causes of Tsunamis

The largest earthquake ever recorded struck Chile in 1960, measuring 9.5 on the Richter scale. Approximately 1,655 people died in the monstrous quake. Besides the devastation in Chile, about 140 people died

Spring is all about new Growth in Nature Holidays and Romance

We live in a world that appears to be dominated by industrial pollution, a high-tech rat race, soulless city centres and urban sprawl, but when spring arrives it arrives everywhere. The metamorphosis