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Genetic disorders: Loeys-Dietz syndrome

Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS) is a genetic disorder named after Dr. Bart Loeys and Dr. Hal Dietz at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They were the first to describe the disorder in

The effect of insulin resistance on hormones

Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body’s insulin receptors are not as receptive to the hormone insulin, causing the pancreas to produce more insulin in order for the body to

Cardiovascular disease risk and genetic testing

Cardiovascular disease affects millions of people worldwide, accounting for 30 percent of global deaths in 2008 according to the World Health Organization (WHO), most due to coronary artery disease and stroke. According

How the body regulates blood glucose levels

Glucose is a sugar and the main energy source used by the body. Carbohydrates that you eat are broken down, converted to glucose and then absorbed by the bloodstream. Circulating glucose is

Euthenasia the right to Die – Ethical

In the UK the debate rages! From TV to the newspapers, much time and effort has been afforded the controversial circumstances surrounding euthanasia. If we are to investigate the anti euthanasia lobby,

Characteristics of the Nursing Process Nursing Process

The nursing process is a deductive theory. It is a systematic written process to help nurses act as caregivers and follow a step by step method of functioning. This process essentially provides

Bioethics and Embryonic Development

The bioethics is the ethics applied to sciences of the life. These sciences include genetic engineering, xenotransplantation, medicine and gerontology. The object of the genetic engineering is to combine molecules of deoxyribonucleic

What is a Biostatistician

Biostasticians: What do they do? A Biostatistician is a person who is knowledgeable about mathematics and applies this knowledge to biological systems. They are knowledgeable in various mathematical techniques, and know how

Things to do before Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery is considered a major surgery and requires meticulous preparation. There are many reasons necessitating such preparation and the following can be listed as some of the main ones. *

Nursing Stories Death of a Baby

I am not a nurse. I am a high school teacher who has taught many future nurses. I am also the mother of a nurse. My daughter, as it turns out, is