Medical Science

Bulging Disc

A bulging disc is considered as a contained disc disorder. This means that the soft center of the intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus) has pushed against the outer fibrous ring (annulus fibrosus) so that, without tearing or rupturing the outer layer,…
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Mupirocin Ointment

Mupirocin – a drug of natural origin, obtained from a culture of Pseudomonas fluorescens. On chemical structure and mechanism of action differs from other ILA. Applies only locally. Mechanism of action Antibacterial action of Mupirocin Ointment is associated with inhibition…
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ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

Everyone eventually experiences moments of crisis that might vary in content but tend to share certain characteristics. Crisis usually entails threat, loss, and the unexpected.  Different theoretical approaches have been offered for helping those working through crisis. Overall, the most…
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