Can you Divide by 0 – Yes

Ah zero, such an interesting number. A number even today we do not know much about. One of the most popular questions asked today of course is: Is it really impossible for something to be divided by zero? My answer is, yes it is.

To understand zero we must understand the definition of a number. A number is simply something that can list a quantity of something and that we can do something to change its value. But then is zero even a number? After all, it doesn’t list the quantity of anything because zero well, is simply nothing. However, we must note that nothing is still a quantity because it shows the value of something. Therefore it is first concluded that zero is infact a number.

Next we must study zero in many ways. We know of course that any number multiplied by zero will equal zero. We also note that an number added or subtracted to zero will equal itself. We also know that anything to the zeroth power will always equal one. Now for each number property there is always a pattern.  For example, we know that if we multiply a number by anything >1 then the number will go up. We also know that if we subtract a positive number from a number and add a negative number to a number the ending quantity will go down. Concurringly, if we add a positive number or subtract a negative number from any number, the number quantity will go up.

Now let’s look at the pattern of division. It seems that each time we divide a number closer to zero from another number, the larger the quantity becomes. For example 1/.25.1/.5. It seems however that no matter how close the number line is to 0, the matching result will always be another number. Because of this, it is safe to assume that any number divided by zero is infinity. This is because it seems that no matter how close you get to the number 0, there is never a matching result, so if you get a number infinitely close to zero that the number is zero, the matching result will of course have to be infinity.

So now we have figured that anything divided by 0 is infinity, we must understand what infinity is. Infinity, does not follow any mathematical pattern. If added, subtracted, multiplied it will equal itself. If divided it will equal a number infinitely close to 0. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that infinity is in fact not a number. Some argue that infinity does in fact represent a quantity, a quantity that is infinitely large. However, my argument is that although it is a quantity, we can do nothing to change its quantity. If we subtract, add, or multiply, the number with another number we get the same number. If you divide that number with something such as infinity/8, we reach inifinity still. If you divide infinity by a number, as previously stated, the number is still 1/infinity or 0. We can reach infinity, but we can never change infinity.

Therefore, just like how infinity does not follow the rules of algebra, any number divided by 0 also does not follow the rules of algebra. In this way, we are unable to use anything divided by 0. This is exactly why we can conclude that anything divided by 0 is absolutely impossible.