Healthy Ways to Express Anger

The first step in anger management to admit that you are angry. If you deny that you become angry then it will lead to negative types of behavior. Suppressing anger can create a inner conflict that can create a self destructive road. Here are five ways that I personally express anger in a healthy way:

Listen to music
Punch a bag
Write down WHY you are angry
Walk Away
Create Art

Listening to music has helped me through anger situations that otherwise would have led to altercations. It was a self reflective time using classical, pop, or rock music that allowed me to think. This allowed me to reflect on the altercation and the reason that I had become angry in the first place. Pinpointing the exact time when you get angry may help with the reason you are angry.

A punching bag is a wonderful way to release strife from the day. Sometimes a series of events have a toll on the soul and can create anger that you can’t pinpoint. Releasing frustrations onto the punching bag can quickly release the energy that may have been used to create another conflict at a different point in time. Physical activities can include running and lifting weights to relieve the negative energy that may have occurred through everyday activities.

Writing down why you are angry has helped me in the past. Sometimes the reason is extremely petty and can be dealt with internally and not externally. Usually I write what made me angry and then from there create a diagram of reasons and a list of solutions. Those solutions can assist to a resolution. The ‘who’ did ‘what’ and ‘why’ to get the ‘how’ to fix the problem that created the strife.

If you are in a situation and there are flux of anger points then walking away may be the best alternative. There have been times when I had to face the reason of my anger, usually a person, face to face to and the outcome could result in harm then it is up to each party involved to either step up or walk away. The best alternative is to walk away from the situation and try to find a solution for all parties involved.

Drawing, painting, creating a piece of art or anything creative can help with anger and creating that art can add to the world something that you’ve created. Getting on Helium and adding a creative poem has helped with my anger in certain situations.

There are many coping mechanisms to assist with anger in a healthy manner. I’ve listed a few personal techniques that have been successful in my past. Admitting that you are angry is always my first step and then from there you have to do what is best for the situation. My mother would work when she was angry or clean the house. When I was a teenager, full of angst, we had an immaculate house.