Alykhan Lalani Divide by zero possible Lalaninatl – No

Even though schools teach division by zero as impossible or undefined, I believe their answer is wrong. In an situation where you have 50 candy bars to split between people, how would you divide them if there were no people to split them with? This situation demonstrates where diving by zero would be possible, and the answer would be zero due to the fact that there are no people to receive the candy bars.

Another proof that division by zero is possible is graphing. Take the equation y=a/x. If x was zero, it is represented as a dashed line called an asymptote. It is not left as nothing which means there is something there. In addition, any real number divided by itself should equal one. Zero divided by zero should equal one just like thirty one divided by thirty one is equal to one. Another way you can allow a number to be divided by zero is by using it is a variable. For example, you can say seven equals zero at the beginning the equation fourteen divided by zero equal something, something would equal two. This is not really going to happen that often but it is possible and thus, proving that dividing by zero really is possible. Another way we can use variables to divide by zero is if set some rules for variables. You can say that if X is divided by zero, then treat zero as one, so X plus X divided by zero equals X plus X.

There is also another theory I have. Numbers divided by zero should be considered into another number system. This is similar to imaginary, but not the same. All numbers divided by zero can be represented zero and the number it was divided by in subscript after it. For example, 4 divided by zero would be 04 to represent it was divided by zero. The same would occur for for variable and other symbols. Graphing this would be the same- a dashed line and would still be called an asymptote. If you had to graph it with imaginary numbers it would be represented with an open circle similar to greater than or less than.

Overall, this is just my personal opinion on division by zero. What I say may be true, or it may not. Either way, I felt the right to publish my opinion. One day my theory mentioned above just might be accepted or it may already exist. In addition, if you are taking a test and you are required to divide by zero, I suggest you still use undefined or something like that to answer the question because division by zero is not widely accepted yet. Remember, ANYTHING is possible!