The first Dinosaur Find

Dinosaurs roamed the earth for over 200 million years. The last “terrible lizard” died 65 million years ago. Some dinosaurs happened to die in a place that allowed a fossil to be cast. These fossils were formed and lay uncovered…
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Fossils are the remains of an animal or plant from the past geological eras. There are many different kinds of fossilized materials, like bones, teeth, shells, wood. Then there are trace fossils, like footprints, eggs, nests, animal droppings, leaf impressions,…
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Fossil Formations how are Fossils Formed

Fossils are often thought to be just preserved remains of animals from prehistoric time periods. However, the term ‘fossil’ also includes impressions, traces, droppings, footprints and various other biological evidence/records that animals have left behind that have been preserved over…
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