Top 11 Problems That Bisexual Women Experience

Even in the modern era with a number of people coming out as bisexual, the concepts regarding the term are disturbingly wrong. A number of people are still oblivious of what it means to be a bisexual. If you happen to be one such individual who have just made a new friend who claims to be bisexual or if you are in a relationship with a woman who is bisexual and are looking for more information regarding the term, then you have landed on the right page. Let us explain what bisexuality actually means and what it includes.

A fairly large population of this world is heterosexual which implies that such individuals are very specific in terms of being intimately or sexually attracted to another individual. Males of this category are going to be attracted towards the females and females towards the males. Then of course, we have another common category of gays or lesbians with such attractions which are strictly confined to the people of the same gender. But have you ever wondered what about the rest of the population of the planet that is sexually attracted to people of both genders? This is the category of bisexuality. It is indispensable to mention here that the term bisexual is not exactly appreciated by most of the people belonging to the category especially the ones under 40 years of age. The alternatives terms that you may want to make use of in order to leave a polite impression may include pan sexual, non-preferential, queer, ambisexual, or sexually fluid. Since the term bisexual itself is considered outdated and even offending in some communities, it would be a commendable idea to make use of the alternative terms candidly as compared to the term bisexual itself.

In order to determine the sexual orientation of a particular individual, the KINSEY scale is normally put to use. The scale is calibrated one to six. The strictly straight community it at one while the strictly gay community is at number six. According to the researcher Alfred Kinsey, anyone or everyone who falls in the category of in between the two is considered as bisexual. It is of prime importance to mention here that there are 7 key elements which are normally taken into consideration during the utilization of Kinsey Scale. These 7 key elements are as follows:

  • Sexual attraction
  • Sexual behavior
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Emotional preference
  • Social preference
  • Lifestyle
  • Self identification

Now since you are aware of the fundamental information about the bisexual community, it’ll help you a great deal in dealing with them on regular basis if you have befriended them or have fallen in love with one. It is to be kept in mind at all times that dating a bisexual woman is more or less the same as dating a straight one. There is nothing to panic about if you have just found out that your partner is bisexual. Grab the information and modify the way you treat her and you should be just fine.

Top 11 Problems That Bisexual Women Experience

bisexual couplesDespite of the common notion of people that being bisexual must present a certain excitement or fascination in life, the real life scenario may as well be considered as exactly the opposite. There are a number of complications which are to be experienced throughout the life just because of the fact that you are a bisexual. Specifically taking the women into consideration, these complications are the major cause why bisexual women are claimed to suffer from the mental disorders in a fairly excessive quantity than otherwise. Therefore, it is important not only for the victim herself, but also for the people around her to know the issues that she might be experiencing and do whatever is in your hand to alleviate the situation. The victim on the other hand gets to know that such complications are all too common with all of the bisexual women that may be an inspiration to go through them. Taking this into consideration, we have mentioned a few of the prominent concerns of a bisexual woman. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the list of problems that a bisexual woman has to experience.
Problems That A Bisexual Woman Has To Experience:-

  • If you came out right in the beginning, it is all too common for the immature college fellows to call you the lesbian of the college
  • Being a part of the dating websites is also complicated for a bisexual woman since there are a number of guys asking for the possibility of a threesome
  • It is highly unlikely that lesbians would be willing to start a relationship with you since you have been with the guys as well
  • Being in a monogamous relationship with your boyfriend is absolutely possible but he’d always be thinking if you are checking out the hot girl that you he was as well
  • There is no argument over the fact that being asked if you are practicing or a non-practicing bisexual has to be one of the most annoying questions
  • It is certainly going to take a long time before you can finally make the lesbians understand that you are not one of them
  • It is a common notion among a number of people that it is in your nature to cheat in a relationship since you are a bisexual
  • There are going to be times when people will ask you to pick a side claiming that you are just confused about your preferences and that they are confused about your sexuality
  • You are destined to get those blank stares from a number of people when you refer to your exes and make use of different pronouns while doing so
  • Being bisexual may frustrate you from both the genders since dating has a number of complications to offer in general and can get pretty stressful at times
  • Coming out as a bisexual to every new partner that you get to start a relationship with is a huge hassle to say the least