How to Read Basic Aircraft Instruments

The most basic aircraft today have what is known as the “6-pack”. The 6-pack includes the Airspeed Indicator, Attitude Indicator(Artificial Horizion), Altimeter, Turn Coordinator, Heading Indicator, and the Vertical Speed Indicator. The hub of your instrument scan while flying is…
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Aviation Impacts on the Environment

The giant carbon footprint indelibly imprinted on the environment by aviation is unmistakable and has increased rapidly courtesy of the expansion of air travel in the past decade alone. Considering that there are over 80,000 planes in the air every…
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A look at the Flight Test Process

All types of commercially manufactured aircraft must undergo the Flight Test Process. This procedure is required in order to ascertain that the engineering and design characteristics of an aircraft meet established structural, controllability and safety parameters. It serves to establish…
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