Ufos Fact – Fact

I saw my first UFO when I was seventeen. I was with my Mother and I had just come out of the High School and looked up to see what i at first thought was a blimp. Then I realized that the object I was seeing was not the size of a blimp, but a rounded circular object as large as the entire school itself.

This is fact. I do not know if the object was extraterrestrial because since that time I have been involved in medicine and Aviation and I have seem some very strange man made objects. But I have also studied the subject and talked to hundreds of people, very credible people, police officers, soldiers, pilots; people who have been trusted with our country’s secrets and nuclear responsibilities. I know that there are things in the sky and space over the earth that are beyond what we know and beyond what the authorities have any explanation to provide.

Some would have the public believe that those who see or who are contacted are lying, seeking publicity, or are deluded. I know that is not the case. As a scientist who is also an experiencer with over thirty years of involvement in the field, I can vouch that this is not the case. It is a fact that most experiencers are silent about what they have seen and witnessed. And when they are not they usually seek anonymity or use false names. This is not out of shame, but out of a sense of self preservation, as the authorities, or PTB’s (Powers that Be) decided to use ridicule and disinformation to cover up the fear and alienation created by the existence of UFOs.

UFO’s are present everywhere. We have pictures of them in space, on Earth, over Nuclear Silo’s; they have been seen on radar, sonar, photos on the moon, Mars missions, old paintings, and new landscapes. They have been clocked faster than speeding rockets, accompanying shuttle launches, and firing at satellites. They have been shown on the evening news, in the newspapers, on the Internet, in movies, and in our literature. Perhaps not all of the legends are true, but the facts remain the same. UFO’s are too real for most people’s comfort.

For those who truly wish to see the evidence they should read the works of Bud Hopkins, John Mack, and the Mutual UFO Network. Watch the Press Release of the Disclosure project of Steven Greer. Watch the NASA videos of the shuttle missions. And read about the serious research of true heroes who have braved the derision and revealed the truth.