Ufos – Fact

When you hear somebody say “Hey, look there’s a UFO up there!” What is your first thought? No doubt you imagine a flying disk-shaped object floating among the clouds, but the meaning of UFO is not “Alien Disk Ship” as we first assume, but simply “Unidentified Flying Object” or in other words any flying thing that we don’t recognize. With government testing of new planes and, perhaps, even their own flying saucers, it’s no wonder there are so many reports of UFOs.
So why do we believe these UFOs are the least likely possible thing, alien life? The human race is determined to find life outside of our planet, and preferably intelligent and sentient life, so I’m not surprised to know that people identify the unknown as something from another world. To make matters worse, the government refuses to identify these things themselves, further strengthening our belief.
However I may be wrong. I don’t believe we should be the only speck of life in an infinite universe, it would be selfish to believe that wouldn’t it? So far we’ve determined that life outside of our planet, though not out of the question, is extremely rare. So if there is an alien race out there, and they are technologically more advanced than us, it’s possible that we’re the first life they’ve found and they want to research how we live.
Look at it not from a stereotypical alien’s point of view, but from your own. If and when our race finds new life we’ll want to take a closer look. Do they live like us? Look like us? Talk like us? What do it they eat, if anything? These questions are the result of natural curiosity, and there would be so many more. We would monitor them from afar for some time, but that wouldn’t be enough, like all things in life we would want more. We would most likely develop a spaceship very similar to the ones depicted in movies to get there, but morally we would know we couldn’t simply barge in and make physical contact, besides the fact that we wouldn’t know how they would react.
Before I come to a close and while we’re looking at this from our perspective, no one should think that if there were aliens among us that they would ruthlessly attack us, at least not for no reason.
I don’t know about you, but looking at it from that perspective I can imagine that aliens do in fact watch us. So now the true isn’t “Do UFOs exist?” But rather “Do the UFOs that we see contain human life, or alien?”