Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fact

After meeting a stranger named Gorko just outside Bandera, Texas in 1985 while on a cat fishing trip, Gorko advised me that he had crash landed some thirty minutes earlier that afternoon in his UFO. I advised Gorko that this was no time for clowns I was trying to catch my limit in cat fish. Gorko said he was not a clown from outer space and that he was dead serious. He assured me that he could show me his UFO and that UFOs exist for real. Besides he reasoned, if anyone has ever seen something they could not identify flying through the air it would, by definition be, a true Unidentified Flying Object. I could see that I was losing ground fast and conceded the point.

Gorko further reasoned that from his past secret excursions in my country most people could not identify a good presidential candidate to vote for, much less identify most flying objects. He said that he needed a carburetor for his UFO so that he could fly on to Roswell and would be most appreciative if I would assist him in this effort. I asked him what kind of manifold he had on his engine and he said just single as with the price of gas on this planet he could not afford a dual. I told Gorko to buzz off and at that instant there was a numbing feeling in my head that caused me to pass out. After three hours I awoke to a pile of Model A Ford parts and a stripped engine lying next to me. The cat fish I had caught were eaten to the bone and two empty Lone Star long necks lie in witness of the feast that had taken place. Suddenly I saw a flash and a rising arc of light traveling at supersonic speed toward the heavens. I had to admit, that was an Unidentified Flying Object.

Until you have experienced a sobering incident like this you may find it hard to believe in UFOs. UFOs seem impossible until one realizes that we send space vehicles into space on a regular basis. If we admit that there are literally millions of far off planets, suns, moons in the many galaxies throughout the universe, the probability of only one, earth, having life forms as we know them lies somewhere well outside the bell curve. That does not take into consideration unknown life forms.

If there are life forms on other celestial bodies it is not too far a stretch of the imagination that they have developed some form of transportation. Maybe even a flying machine. It is doubtful that the lines of design of such a machine would fit the design curves of our transport vehicles. Style is formed by the creator of the vehicle and aerodynamic considerations. Thus, if we happen to see one of the machines cruising in our airspace and don’t quite know what it is it qualifies as a UFO.

I can assure you that many UFOs have been sighted near Area 51 over the years and in truth, even commercial airliners have been spotted and reported as UFOs. Admittedly most of these did not have a cat fish thief named Gorko character flying them. But who is to say that some were not real UFOs. Especially in an area where we cannot even find a lost millionaire pilot. Maybe he did not want to share his fish with Gorko after his crash.

So until we Earthlings are able to define without exception what a UFO is and discern what we ogle in the sky I, for one, am going to say that it is highly probable that Gorko was for real and UFOs exist. However, I am a weird catfish eating, Lone Star guzzling, crazy Texan at times.