Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fiction

UFOs have long been of interest to me. Perhaps it has more to with the people involved. This might be much more a psychological issue than anything else. The psychology of the people involved.

For thousands of years people had been seeing things in the skies. In the days before astronomy these sightings were often seen as messages from the gods or UFOs. Perhaps they were the same things in the minds of the ancients; Gods could have come from space.

During the middle ages when astronomers had figured out some of the celestial objects and there was a better overall understanding of the skies, there were still objects being seen in the skies. There are a number of paintings and frescos from that era that appear to show flying objects in the sky.

Were these actual UFOs or were these just cases of artistic freedom? Did the painter actually see these things or were they just a part of his imagination?We may never know.

People today are often just as confused about what they see in the skies as people from other eras were. We think we are so much smarter and less nave than those who came before but it’s not true. If it’s not the planet Venus playing games with people, it is weather balloons or perhaps even planes.

There have been several military aircraft that is seen by civilians for the first time might make them think they were actually witnessing advance life from another planet visiting earth. The SR71 Blackbird, the F11 fighter and the B2 bomber that might get people thinking they were seeing other worldly objects.

There are always new aircraft being developed by the military that, upon first sight, might cause people to think they were seeing UFOs. We are not privileged enough to know what the military is working on; the new designs or the capabilities are something we won’t know about for years, if ever.

Other than that, where is the evidence? Where is the physical evidence that should be here if alien craft have landed? Should we not have materials that are “out of this world”? Oh, yes, the government has scooped it all up. I forgot about the government cover-up.

Since Roswell there has been this massive government to cover-up everything UFO related, hiding all the facts from the public. The government couldn’t keep up a wall of silence for 60 odd years without there being a crack somewhere. There have been some talented investigative journalists in and around Washington and none of them have managed to dig anything up. Keep in mind that it was reporters who brought down President Nixon.

In the end however, anytime someone sees something in the sky they can not identify, they are indeed seeing an unidentified flying object. The object in question just might not be an alien craft from the stars.