Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fact

When it comes to the subject of UFOs there is so much hype, exaggeration, and sensationalism associated with it that the serious scientists and researchers who study this phenomena are ashamed to admit their involvement. Most of them confess that despite clear evidence of the existence of UFOs there is much ambiguity as to their origin and agenda. UFOs have been sighted all over the world. If they are government military projects, which government and whose military?

The UFO phenomenon is commonly believed to have started in America which couldn’t be further from the truth. UFOs have been around since antiquity which is clearly seen in ancient cave drawings and other archeological finds. Ancient civilizations left evidence of technology that was obviously beyond their capabilities as evidenced by other factors surrounding their civilization. The pyramids themselves speak volumes about the interference of alien intelligence in a culture that showed very little advancement in other areas.

Winston Churchill ordered a formal study on UFOs. Russia, France, Germany and most of Europe has had ongoing UFO investigations. China and the Middle East have had their share of UFO sightings as well.

Lately, Mexico has been the hot spot of UFO activity involving multiple military radars with several hours of video footage. These are not single saucer-type ships but whole fleets of assorted shapes and sizes.   

Those who follow the UFO phenomena shouldn’t feel insulted by people who consider it nonsense. Skeptics don’t necessarily doubt the existence of unidentified aircraft they just don’t believe they are extraterrestrial. Even the most informed researchers understand their disbelief and admit that since their research spans nearly 6 decades and is so involved, they don’t even try to convince anyone anymore because they know how foolish it sounds.

Most people don’t realize the vast amount of information involved with this phenomenon which branches out into every field of science. There are ancient accounts of unexplained mysteries revealed by archeology along with information shared by other governments. The UFO phenomenon encompasses other areas of study such as crop formations, cattle mutilations, alien abductions, back engineering, government black projects, secret technology, and on and on it goes. They are all related in one way or another and it’s difficult to understand one without understanding the others.

Are UFOs fact or fiction?

According to a number of high-ranking military officials in different countries and numerous scientists and highly professional researchers around the world along with many of our own astronauts, UFOs are a fact.

UFO activity flared up during the last world war in the 1940s. They were called Foo Fighters which at first were believed to be secret German aircraft. It was later discovered that Germany believed they were American aircraft. The Roswell incident began the government conspiracy theories and UFO sightings have continued to this day.

Since the turn of the century there has been an alarming increase in UFO activity worldwide. Military and local law enforcement around the world has been run ragged by UFO sightings and it is widely believed that this burst of UFO activity could be a prelude to some kind of worldwide event.

There is an organization called “The Disclosure Project” that intends to force the government to acknowledge its involvement with UFOs. Many of the members of this organization are retired military officers, pilots, government officials, law enforcement, and engineers who have publically announced that they have solid proof that UFOs exist and that the government has been back-engineering alien technology. If this is true it would confirm the existence of aliens.

It is widely believed (though there is no solid proof) that while many UFOs could be secret government aircraft, a number of them are genuine alien ships. Several credible sources have said that many of these UFOs appear to be reconnaissance aircraft collecting data. They don’t respond when approached- sort of like unmanned probes. They hover for long periods and sometimes lower a round metallic object that remains suspended for several moments perhaps taking measurements.

Of course they could be secret government reconnaissance aircraft on test missions. Many secret government aircraft were seen in our skies before they were revealed to the public.

And then there are cattle mutations which the government maintains are attacks by predators which is absurd. Cattle are found ensanguinated with their sex organs, tongues, and eyes surgically removed and there is no sign of a struggle or a single footprint.  These mutilations have been happening around the world for decades.

Cattle are the main target in the U S but in England the main target is sheep. Canada’s victims are deer and elk. Each mutilation is basically the same. Specific wounds are found on each victim in the exact same areas which appear to be done with a laser. In nearly all cases the rectum is cored, sex organs are removed along with one eye, one jaw bone, and the tongue. This is the modus operandi in nearly all mutilations. UFOs are commonly sighted in and around cattle mutilations and therefore have always been associated with the phenomena.

Crop formations are also associated with UFOs despite the fact the most of them are made by man which is all part of the disinformation campaign. Many who call themselves experts in the field of crop circles have labeled many man-made formations as genuine, but real scientists who are interested in genuine research and don’t want to be in the spotlight can distinguish the difference between a real formation and a fake in a matter of minutes.

There is a great amount of research involved in getting to the truth of the UFO phenomena. Anyone who takes on the endeavor with any kind of seriousness will soon discover that amid all of the hype and deliberate disinformation there is a lot of real evidence that cannot be explained. Much of this evidence reveals unbelievable technology that is completely unheard of today. The more one digs the more startling the evidence becomes.

Laymen can only go so far in UFO research before frustration sets in because although the evidence is strong, each ahha! moment usually takes one on a journey that ultimately leads to a dead end. Without experience and proper connections, the most one has to go on is conjecture and speculation.

Therefore, our understanding of the UFO phenomena and all that is associated with it depends largely on the integrity and credibility of those that have dedicated much of their lives to the study of it. However, one thing becomes perfectly clear to anyone who approaches the research with any kind of serious desire for the truth which is that something sinister is happening in our world. It’s happening right up under our noses and at this point there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot we can do about it.

Advancement in technology has increased at an unprecedented rate. Holograms are one of the latest developments which were absolutely inconceivable just a few years ago. There is a certain amount of responsibility associated with such rapid advancement. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jesus Christ said that a great deception would occur prior to His return and now, powerful people in high places have the technology to deceive the entire world.