Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fact

Anything that could not be explained or identified down through the history of man has been laughed at by those who were not able to justify it in their minds. For instance when the first person stated that the world was round, others laughed at them. So they set out to prove what they thought to be true. Thank goodness they did, or else we would still be living here thinking the world was flat, not knowing that others like us lived on the other side.

If any of us now were alive back in the 1800’s, heck even later in the early to mid 1900’s and we told people that someday we would be able to communicate and share stories with others all around the world with a simple push of a button, we would have been laughed at. Yet here we all are today, able to do just that. People used to kill people for talking about things they could not conceive, that now days we all have and use. Electrical lights, telephones, automobiles, are just a few of the things that people used to find preposterous. Yet they exist.

Some people mistake unidentified flying objects for identifiable objects, for instance a weather balloon, a plain, or even a bird. However these were not unidentifiable as we could identify them. They were instead miss-identified flying objects. So have there been stories and reports of unidentifiable flying objects that never were identified. Yes.

Down threw the ages stories and pictures of unidentified flying objects have been told and viewed. Some of the earliest signs of UFOs have been depicted in cave drawings. Some people say these are just stories, however we are all writers here and we all know that to tell a story one must have a somewhat knowledge of what it is they are writing about. For instance, I will use a movie “The Matrix”, it tells the tale of a man who discovers that we have long ago been taken control of by artificial intelligence that became way more intelligent than we had expected. This is an example of writing what we know about computers and humans and creating a fiction not too far from what we know.

Okay, so lets examine this closer. Down through the ages people have told other fascinating stories of winged creatures that glowed with their own light, thus came about the existence of fairies. Thought to be mythological, but where did the thought of these beings really come from? What did we know of that made us think of creating them? What about werewolves, vampires, even ghosts?

If we can not identify something, does it exist? No, not yet. Yet, there has been a world of things that have come into existence, because we saw those things and proved them true. To say something does not exist just because we can not grasp it yet does not mean it does not exist. We make it exist. By proving it, thus making it come into existence.

Do unidentified flying objects exist? Well, once again if a human saw a plain in the sky, or a satellite floating across the night sky back in the early 1900’s to them it would have been unidentifiable, yet today we know they exist. We made them. Well, our universe is so huge…we don’t even have the technology to explore it thoroughly, but if we did, why would we think we would be the only creatures out here. Heck, our own ocean here on our own planet well its depths have not yet been explored by us, if we go too deep we implode.

Think of what it must have been like for the explorers who set out to prove the world was round, the discoveries they made, why low and behold THERE IS LIFE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET!

Let us not close our minds to anything…for if we do, we will stop discovering.