Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fact

Only the human race can be so arrogant as to believe that in the vastness of our galaxy, as well as undiscovered and unexplored galaxies, we are the only intelligent life in existence.

Granted, there are many who attempt to use trickery to make images of something that appears to be a UFO either through lights, or even the gentleman in Arizona who lit flares attached to balloons. It is far easier to explain away something you cannot put your hands on or see with your eyes than it is to attempt to believe there is a chance that someone else may be living someplace other than Earth.

Through the years we have been conditioned to disbelieve the existence of life anywhere else. Oh yes, they will admit there are microscopic things living in places not on Earth, but intelligent? No way could that be possible!

“E.T.”, “Independence Day”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and many other ventures into the U.F.O. category show Hollywood depicting aliens as friendly, destructive, or inquisitive.

Our own government attempts to try to downplay the possibility that there may be the existence of life on other planets. Any “sightings” made by citizens and reported are either explained away by nonsensical terms or they try to attempt to convince those reporting the sightings that they did not really see what they think they did.

If this is true, what is Area 51? What, if anything, landed and was discovered so many decades ago? Why did it come into existence so far from anyplace else?

Only Earth is capable of supporting life in a galaxy we haven’t even begun to explore; not to mention the planets in galaxies we probably do not even know exist yet?

Walk out into the darkness tonight, look up into the stars and stare. Wonder if someone so far away may be doing the same thing where they are. They look out into their own version of our Milky Way and wonder, are they the only intelligent life in existence? Are they so arrogant as to believe it?

Unidentified Flying Object; this can be anything in the sky that cannot be readily identified at a prolonged examination. It could be an airplane at an odd angle to the viewer distorting its true shape.

However, are some of these UFO objects from places other than Earth? It is very possible we are not alone in this galaxy. Will we see these beings in our lifetime? Who knows? They may be traveling this direction as this is being written. Due to their distance, they may not get here until long past our time on this Earth is finished, but one day, I believe we will finally get the definitive answer and those naysayers who have been trying to downplay that day will finally learn we are not alone.