Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fiction

This one always tickles me; in fact I am sat at my desk chuckling away to myself reading some of the articles offered up by many esteemed writers, who actually believe this piffle. This drives me to attack this debate head on with a certain amount of humour as this subject truly warrants it. I am not denying that UFO’s exist on this little blue marble of ours, as in people being unable to discern what type of aircraft it is they believe to be an alien vessel. As for little green men in flying saucers, oh behave.

Do any of these people who have professed to have seen or been abducted by a flying saucer know that the flying saucer was actually a fictional invention first seen in comic books in the thirties? This craft has captured the public imagination more than any other but it is a totally human invention used to entertain children and not the craft of choice used by men from mars.

Many communities have built their existence on the public’s fascination with E.T. Roswell is the prime example with the many claims of the weather balloon that came down there in the fifties being an alien vehicle of some sort. Do these people think that the general population cannot tell the difference between I highly advanced spaceship and an assortment of sticks and Baco foil? Then we get the old grainy movie of a supposed forces doctor chopping up a rubber dummy of what the public has come to believe is the typical little green man.

It’s not even a good dummy, in fact it is that bad I found it hard to contain the urge to laugh when I first saw this amazing piece of evidence. I laughed even more heartily when I realised that some people were actually sitting there and thinking it was real. Conspiracy theories and government cover ups all add to the intrigue. All these so called flying saucers or unexplained flying objects that are seen flying out in the desert are obviously new experimental aircraft or weapon systems that are being developed by our very own and quite human scientists. If aliens were actually visiting us why do the Americans who site these things assume that they are only visiting certain areas of New Mexico or the nevada desert?

Agreed there have been sightings elsewhere in the U.S. and around the world, however the majority quite predictably come from the U.S. I’m sorry but this cannot be a coincidence, nor can it be that the alien races that are supposedly visiting our little planet enjoy the climate there more than anywhere else in the world. It is all down to Americas over active imagination when it comes to things like this. As I have an open mind about such subjects, I have sat and watched many American TV programmes which are obviously produced for around a dollar fifty, covering the subject of UFO sightings, and I can say with hand on heart, I have not seen one thing, not one single frame of celluloid that even remotely comes close to convincing me of the existence of actual alien spacecraft.

One I was drawn to in particular was a sighting that had been recorded on an ancient video camera that somebody had retrieved from the Ark of Covenant. It was of such low quality, the image of the craft in the picture could barely be recognised. This called for the services of an apparently renowned expert in alien sightings to investigate this truly intriguing occurrence. This so called “UFO Expert” took the grainy, and for want of a better word, worthless footage for digital analysis. What followed was undoubtedly one of the most amusingly entertaining half hours of my life. Before settling down in my chair to be wowed by his unparalleled expertise I asked myself this question, how can you be an expert on something that doesn’t exist? But not wanting to spoil the ride too early, I decided to hear his arguments and view his findings before making any harsh judgements.

After watching for a full thirty adrenalin fuelled and fun filled minutes I came to the obvious conclusion that the only field this buffoon was an expert in was the art of trying to make it seem that this blob on the screen was some sort of flying saucer shaped machine. This fact he attempted to demonstrate by drawing lines with marker pen all over the still pictures he had created. These lines were where he believed in his limited mind, the edges and shapes of the craft did actually lie and what a surprise, he made a flying saucer shape with his pen, but as we already know flying saucers are a human invention.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop our Sherlock of the skies. After making the best picture he could from the digitally enhanced video, he proceeded to point out the shapes that undeniably showed it to be an alien craft. To everyone else with half a brain and eyes in their heads it was a passenger carrying helicopter that was too far from the camera to be properly identified or focussed on, it even had the navigation lights flashing at both ends. He came up with a limp wristed reason for this too, his theory being thus. These were some sort of strange and unknown thrusting devices that kept the vehicle hovering and stable. I tell you now I was nearly wetting myself with hysterics.

It’s always the same, The vehicle is either too far away from anyone who has a camera or there is a blinding light that is so intense nothing else can been, conveniently. Not one sighting, occurrence, or landing patch cannot be explained by using rational thinking and common sense. Then we get on to the subject of abduction. Here is another type of alien encounter that only seems to happen in the wilds of America or if it occurs elsewhere in the world its always a farm or small community miles away from anywhere or anyone.

Lonely attention seeking people, hallucinogenic assistance, dollar signs or just plain good old-fashioned cuckooness can be put down as the causes of such wild and silly claims. So called alien experiments on humans is something that has been created in the public psyche over many years, but it was used in a universal way in a story for the not so little known TV series called, The Twilight Zone, and this all being about the same time UFO hysteria was beginning to take hold on the people of the world.

H.G. Wells wrote about alien invasion in 1891 with his classic War Of The Worlds, and many of the similarities with his visionary writings to the supposed sightings and occurrences of later years are startling. The human experimentation theory used in the later TV programme being just one example. When the public get something in their collective consciousness, they latch onto something that cannot be proved to explain what it is they believe is happening for whatever their personal reasons. The UFO conspiracy theorists will have you believe that the governments of the world are covering up all these alien encounters but at the end of the day why would they?

The reason governments do not talk about such events very often is because they wish for you to believe there are visitations from the worlds beyond. This keeps the public imagination occupied, chasing blurred visions of helicopters or some kids remote control spaceship toy. This allows them to get on with what it is they are really doing out there in the desert and what they really do not wish you to know about. I have no doubt whatsoever that alien races and civilizations do exist out there somewhere, however ponder this question for a moment. Would you, after inventing a way to transport yourself many millions of light-years across the cosmos, decide to land on an alien world and abduct some hick farmers or a family out in the hills or maybe even somebody waiting at a railway crossing miles from anywhere? Or maybe after travelling through millions of galaxy’s you decide its much more fun to buzz the natives of San Diego or the lizards of Death Valley? I know I wouldn’t. After dodging the inevitable missiles the Americans and Russians would obviously shoot at me, I would still land my craft for the entire world to see and proclaim to the people of this planet I was here. Wake up folks before the bogeyman gets you, he’s real too didn’t you know?