Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fact

There is much debate on the subject of whether or not humans have been visited by creatures from other planets. But, we have found few real answers.

I must clarify this up front, I do not claim to believe that we have been visited by said aliens, however we can not discount the possible existence of other intelligent life on other planets.

The one thing on common with all UFO sightings is: Personal Experience. Thus we can automatically can not count the recalling of eye witnesses without the hard evidence of something physical, a clear picture, a clear video, or a piece of something tangible. Most accounts lack this type of scientific evidence, thus make them nothing but great stories.

I too have a story, as many people do. Driving down a small two lane highway in Vermont, I saw a bright object fall out of the sky into the trees of a hill near by. That didn’t bother me much, I just accounted it to being a small meteoroid which frequently fall from the sky causing shooting stars. What I saw when I crested the hill is what bothered me. On the road about a half a mile away, I saw a blue light to one side of the road and a red light on the other side. As I drove up closer to these lights, which seemed very odd to me, they disappeared. I drove though the section where the lights were and then looked back in my rear view mirror. I saw the lights once again in the mirror and then a rather larger white light in the middle of the road. These lights appeared to move straight up and disappear.

I have no explanation for what I saw, however I did speed the rest of the way to the next two on that road, feeling slightly freaked out after having seen strange lights.

I don’t claim to have seen a UFO, because I don’t know what it was. All I know is that it was weird.

Could there be other life in the universe? I am almost positive there is, simply because it would be too arrogant of us humans to think we are the best there is in this vast universe. Is that life as or more intelligent as we are? Possibly. There is nothing saying we are all that evolved, and to think that planets that could be in an older section of the universe don’t have life, is just absurd.

Could other life possibly visit us? I am not sure why they would want to. If they were evolved enough to travel here from light years away, they would either be here to destroy us, or would take one look at our pitiful species and turn around for home.

Any species that has developed technology that can travel the universe would probably think we are too low on the evolutionary chain to bother with us yet. Though they might take some of us for experimentation.

What might they look like? Who knows. Anything could evolve out there on other planets, but our basic ideas of what aliens look like are probably wrong. Could aliens have set up bases on our moon or on mars to limit the amount of contact with us but to observe us? Possibly. Could aliens have been the catalysis for human development? Maybe. But are they involved with our governments? Probably not likely. With our greedy governments and our lowly developed species, I doubt any evolved peaceful aliens would want anything to do with us. They wouldn’t give us technology to advance us, because if they had, we would be much farther along then we are now. Their math and understanding of physics would be light years beyond what ours is, and we haven’t had much for developments in those areas, at least not on the grand scheme of the universe.

Are UFOs fact? We haven’t had any real evidence to prove it, but we can’t disclaim it any more than we can the Lock Ness Monster. But I believe to find life, even single celled organisms on other planets will send our whole belief systems on their ears. How will the religious explain it away? What credit will it give to evolution?

We can only hope that science will continue to advance and humans will continue to strive to become a peaceful evolved species, so maybe someday the advance creatures of the universe will want to be our friends. And if they don’t want to be friends, I think we are going to have a whole lot of trouble on our hands.