Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fact

Unless you think you have seen a UFO, you are probably skeptic they exist. We humans have a tendency not to believe anything until it is proven to be real. I myself wonder if they are real. I have watched the special programs that interview people who claim to have seen them. Seen the films of lights dancing in the sky. Read some of the books that claim they exist. They fall into that realm of possibilities with Big Foot, Loch Ness, and the things that go bump in the night.

When getting into discussions with friends who believe, I listen with interest as they explain why there should be life on other worlds. How can this be the only planet with life on it? Myself being one who believes in God I tend not to question how or why so much. What is, was created by God and it truly is a mystery.

So with those who believe life exists on some other planet in some other universe, I offer this. What if. . .

Lets say that the civilizations of long ago were actually smarter than we think they were. They had technology we dream of today. Let’s say Atlantis was real and they had the knowledge of manipulating gravity. The “power of the crystal”. They rode in saucer like vehicles that floated in the atmosphere. They had machines that sent out beams of light that could pick up two ton rocks and set them into arrangements that made huge pyramids. They considered themselves to be godlike because of their abilities.

They tried to create one huge crystal that would function in the full range of the whole world. They had to test it to see if it worked and during the process of its making knew it might explode when tested, so built an underground city for their chosen elite to find safety from disaster. When it was tested, it did indeed explode and with such great force it caused the earth to move on its axis. The waters shifted around the world and covered the land. Those in the underground city were trapped. They couldn’t get out yet they had planned for even this possibility and so continued to live, underground. No sunlight. It took generations to devise a way to escape. Perhaps thousands of years. Being stuck underground, underwater, caused some sort of mutation in their appearance. They became smaller, their skin became almost colorless, and their eyes became larger from living a life with no sun. They still possessed their technology.

Now on the surface their were some who survived. And they chose to live a simpler life. One without technology. One more natural and less destructive. They may even have decided to hide what had been from the future generations to avoid what they had experienced.

When the underground city finally freed itself from its captivity, they were feared by the “normals” on the surface. So they could not interact without fighting for their lives. Perhaps there is some biological threat they combat from living in a filtered air system. Whatever the reason they choose to remain hidden from the world.

Those who hear this explanation scoff. They can accept the idea of the possibility of life from another planet but not the possibility of some mutation hidden in the bowels of our own planet. So I laugh. Anything is possible.

As far as the saucer ships go, if they exist. They are powered by crystals which use light and frequency to manipulate gravity. The invisible waves of energy in the atmosphere are their roadways. And beams of light are used to direct the object.

Who can say what is or is not. We don’t know all the answers.