What Is Best Food To Eat To Gain Weight

When it comes to what is the best food to eat to gain weight there are a ton of options that are packed with calories that you want to consume. You want to really focus on consuming mass quantities of these high caloric foods. I mean I could tell you to go slam out a pizza, you are looking at quadruple digits as the amount of calories in a slice of regular crust pizza is 285 calories! Or I could tell you to just go eat a big mac or a couple burritos from Taco Bell.

But since I am a huge advocate of health, I am not going to steer you in that direction. Although if you do so, you will find the worst foods to eat to gain weight! You can add these to your diet here and there to add extra calories, but do so sparingly as if you eat these foods, they are packed with an incredibly high amount of fats.

So yes you will gain weight, but the weight gain will be in the form of layers of subcutaneous fat. Which I am getting the hunch that you not here to learn how to gain fat in your weight gain pursuit, but simply looking to put on mass. Whether you are looking at this article because you are a “hard gainer” or are simply looking to get bigger, then we have a some great content for you.

Below we have listed calorie packed foods that the best to eat to gain weight and do so in a healthy fashion! Below the list contains foods that can add 1000 calories EACH to your meal, allowing you to know how to add a massive amount calories into your diet!

List of High Caloric Foods 

FIRST and FOREMOST the BEST food to eat to gain weight which is cooking oil. As far as the size of the amount per portion and how many calories they have in that portion, cooking oil is the best food to eat to gain weight. Literally one table spoon has 120 calories. A lot of it is from fat but it is a good fat source and can be an excellent way to add calories to your diet on the sly. Below are 7 different foods that a very dense in calories. Adding them to your diet will allow you to gain weight FAST!

  1. Chicken THIGHS – Turkey breast contains around 150 calories per 4 ounce serving VS around 240 calories per 4 ounce portion in chicken thighs. Eating a pound of chicken a day, which is very doable considering for a while I was eating 2 1/2 pound a day, equates to almost 1000 calories a day.
  2. Peanut Butter – This is the absolute go to when it comes to adding weight fast. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter has almost 200 calories! 10 tablespoons of peanut butter adds ANOTHER 1000 calories to your diet! If this seems like a lot, simply eat 2 or 3 tablespoons per meal!
  3. Brown Rice – There are 650 – 700 calories in a cup of raw rice. Eating a cup of rice throughout the day can add a massive amount of calories to your diet. Double it and you are looking at over another 1000 calories!
  4. Granola – According to a study I came across, a single cup of granola has 598 calories. Eat two cups in the morning for breakfast and you are up another 1200 calories!
  5. Whole Wheat Crackers – Simply eating 18 whole wheat crackers a day can add another 250 calories to your diet. Eating them with some healthy hummus can add even more calories as hummus is shown to average 25 calories per tablespoon!
  6. Oatmeal – 1 cup of uncooked oatmeal totals in at anywhere from 300 – 600 calories!
  7. Almonds – Adding a cup of almonds can stack your caloric intake up another 500 + calories!
  8. Bananas – Having a large banana when you wake up can add over 100 calories to your diet! They are considered one of the highest calorie foods around. Have another one before you go to sleep and your up to another 200+ calories in your daily diet.
  9. Eggs – At around 75 calories per egg, eating a 3 or 4 eggs during the day can add another 300 + calories!
  10. Fatty Meats – When shopping at the grocery store, go for meats that have higher fat content. Fatty steaks and fattier hamburger meats can add extra good fat calories to your diet.

So the fastest way to gaining weight is to eat more than the amount of calories you need to essentially keep yourself at the weight you are currently at. Now this can be an absolute struggle. Now matter how much you like to eat, it is hard to eat more, let alone A LOT more.

So you want to add an extra couple hundred grams per week to your diet, nothing to steep. After a couple of weeks of doing that your stomach will expand and be ready for you to eat larger meals without feeling uncomfortable. For examples sake, if you can eat 1000 more calories a day than the amount you need to maintain your current body weight, than you will gain 2 pounds per week!

How Often and How MUCH To Eat

Although I don’t suggest this for a long term tactic to gaining weight with the foods above, you can gain weight fast by eating bigger meals less frequently. It is the opposite of the weight loss tactic where you eat smaller meals through the day. The idea behind this is that when you eat smaller meals more frequently, your digestive system is activated more often.

Each time you digest food, the digestion process requires calories burned as energy to digest your food. Eating less results in activating the digestion process less frequently, minimizing the amount of calories you are going to use towards digestion.

Eating Before Bed To Gain Even More Weight

Now that you know the type of foods that have the most calories in them, lets us last leave you with a method to ensure even more weight gain! According to a study you, if you eat before you go to bed, the calories consumed are shown to be converted to weight gain, but unfortunately the studies show that most of this can be in the form of fat. But if your goal is to add weight quick, this is another great tactic to use to put on weight faster.

You now know what the best food to eat to gain weight fast as well as a massive list of other high calorie food groups! Use these to achieve your weight gain goals!