How To Lose Weight and Still Drink Alcohol

We all have long days and sometimes its nice to come home to a frothy beer! Or maybe a couple shots to ease out of the day and into your favorite TV show! But you may notice that you are either staying at the weight you are currently at. Or you are gaining weight drinking. So let us show you how to lose weight and still drink alcohol, the same amount you are drinking now!

So when it comes to shedding pounds and still doing some with alcohol consumption, I want you to start thinking of a few sacrifices you need to make. Alcohol is calories. You can be consuming ON AVERAGE 75 to upwards of 300 calories per alcoholic beverage. Considering this, if you are living a sedendary lifestyle, you need to add some calorie burning tactics to continue drinking and drop pounds doing so.

The first method, obviously being to get in the gym. If you are already in the gym then do more cardio and/or circuit training. Circuit training is where you go through your routine with a small amount of rest between sets. It burns more calories than resting between sets, meaning you can consume more alcohol and still lose weight.

The next thing you want to look at is your diet. You need to be eliminating food calories in order to replace them with calories that come from alcoholic beverages. Eating 20 percent less than what you eat per day will allow you more calories that can go towards alcohol consumption.

Also I am not advocating heavy drink. I am just showing you the possibilities when it comes to still drinking and losing weight. It can be done through diet and exercise changes. Also, through changing these aspects of your life, you will usually crave less alcohol. This will result in you drinking less, equating to even more weight loss.

Consuming Alcoholic Beverages With LESS Calories

This is when you can really cut out some calories for weight loss and still drink alcohol. So for examples sake, if beer is your go to then swap out the beer you currently drink for one that is lower in calories. If you are hear to find out how to lose weight and still drink wine, the same tactic applies as does with hard alcohol!


For funs sake, lets take a look at how this can apply. In beer, a regular Heineken has 160+ calories whereas a Budweiser Select has less than 60 calories! You literally drink almost 3 Budweiser Selects to one Heineken. And always as a rule, the light version will ALWAYS have less calories, so go light to shed weight!


You might already know, but port wines have the most calories and desert wines like Moscato’s usually have the highest sugar content. So switch to a riesling or a red if you are drinking either or both of these two.


Lets take a look at two very popular alcoholic beverages that are consumed on a daily basis in the US. Jack Daniels is at 65 calories per 1.5 ounce serving and Smirnoff Vodka has 97!  Switching to a lower alcoholic liquor can help you lose weight as you will be consuming less calories overtime. The still provide the same buzz just with less calories!

Eliminate Mixers

Not drinking your alcohol with chasers will result in you drinking less calories. If you are drinking the hard stuff, put it on ice instead. Yeah it will have more of a bit, but you can lose weight and still drink alcohol this way. That’s why your hear right!=

Drink Half Of What Your Are Currently Drinking

Again calorie consumption equates to the weight you are at and any gain or loss that you experience. So if you are drinking 400 calories a day in alcohol, you can still lose weight by drinking half of what you are drinking. Going off of the 400 calorie amount, you would be at 200 calories a day in alcoholic caloric consumption. This would leave you consuming 200 calories less. You can lose almost 2 pounds a month doing this. Because one pound equates to 3500 calories. 200 times 30 days in a month equals 6000 calories. You do this for the entire year and you can shed 15 – 20 pounds not even trying!

Journaling For Weight Loss While Still Drinking

I am a big fan of keeping a journal of what I am eating. Now this doesn’t have to be in the form of an actual book you carry on you. There are plenty of different calorie tracking apps that you can download on your phone or on your computer. These apps also show you EXACTLY how many calories that the ANY alcoholic drink you are consuming. As well as the calories that are in ALL the other drinks on the market. This can help keep you accountable and know exactly how to cut calories and how many. Best part about it is that these apps are FREE!

Using A Smaller Glass

Simply using a smaller glass than what you usually use to drink your alcohol can result in drinking and still losing weight. Drinking can be a mental thing. Your brain will still register that you are consuming an entire glass of wine/beer/liquor and won’t be concerned with the liquid amount.