Motivation To Lose Weight – Life Changing Tips!

When it comes to how to find motivation to lose weight than I can give you a pretty darn good reason right off the bat that can sway you into losing weight and not only losing it but also keeping it off!

This reason is what I like to refer to as the “Pay Now or Pay Later” reason. What does this mean? Well essentially you let your health go now and it may not seem like a big deal but if you let it go to long, obesity and being overweight in general is shown to wreak havoc on multiple areas of your inner health ranging from stretch marks to heart attacks. Now if you don’t want to deal with these terrible things, as you get older, then you can “pay now” and take the steps necessary to lose weight and keep it off.

If you follow steps to getting healthy then you will pay now, in the form of sacrifice, or working out and eating healthy and not have to pay in monetary value later on in the form of hospital bills and doctors visits!

If the reason above wasn’t enough motivation to lose weight then we have even more reasons for you that will hopefully help you on your path to a healthier you!

More Motivation To Lose Weight


To Show Yourself You Can

Losing weight is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world, ESPECIALLY if it’s done in large amounts. Going out and doing it yourself or with the help of a personal trainer can show you that YOU can do what most people think may be impossible. This will break an internal barrier and give you more confidence to not only stick with the wellness lifestyle but will also bleed into other areas of your life allowing you to approach challenges in your life with more certainty and positivity.

Creating a better body naturally comes with a boost in confidence, which will help you in all areas of your life as well.

Vision Boards

Creating a vision board that has weight loss and fitness related material on it can be a great place to start if you need motivation to lose weight. A great way to start a vision board is find a picture of someone who has a great body, cut out their face and put your face in place of it. You can also put positive quotes on it pictures of health and anything that will help you keep in the weight loss mindset.

When you are done creating your board, put it somewhere where you will see it when you awake and when you go to sleep. You can even take a picture of it and shrink it down, putting it in places like: your bathroom, car or where you work!

Find a Partner

Find an accountability partner for your fitness goals. Having someone that is chasing the same goal will help you stay with it as well as create healthy competition that can help both of you push through the rough pages that weight loss can bring and get your more close to your goal.

Have weekly or bi-monthly meetings with this partner and check in on how the week has been. Discuss what both the positive and negative aspects of the week and how you can learn and grow from the negatives and build on the positives.

You can also create rewards for each other for reaching goals as well as consequences for not doing so like buying the other a healthy dinner or paying for you two to go see a movie.

High School or College Reunion

Looking good for a reunion with people you have grown up with is a GREAT place to your motivation for losing weight. You can hire a personal trainer or hit the weights on your own, but it shouldn’t be the stopping point. Find a bigger reason why you want to keep the pounds off, a reason that will go past just losing weight for the reunion.

Next Generation

You may be getting to the age where you offspring are starting to have children of their own or are getting to the age or point in their relationship where kids are inevitable. Well how about taking the next generation into account and losing weight to have enough energy and vitality to be able to play with them and be involved in their lives?? Food for thought! No pun intended.


We all know how powerful our minds our and it has been said that our mental image of ourselves is the sum total of our outer appearance. If you envision yourself as a more fit and healthy you, it will do two things. The first thing it will do is start to change the mental picture you created of yourself in the past, allowing weight loss to operate at a subconscious level. Second, envisioning a mental picture of a more in shape you will allow you to see and feel what it is like the more and more you envision it, allowing you know what the finished product will be like!

Before and After

Take progress pictures right now and once you get going. If you are staying consistent with your efforts to shed the pounds, take a picture once a month, and look at them ever 3 months. You will see a drastic change that WILL help you with the weight loss motivation you need and will keep you from giving up!

Attracting Dates

When all is said and done this can be all it takes when it comes to finding motivation to lose weight by thinking about how it can attract the opposite sex. This can be a great starting point that can lead you to sustaining a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

Another portion of this equation is attracting your current spouse more. Its a cold hard fact that must be talked about as it can give you a great reason to lose weight as well as get in the gym together, creating a stronger and HEALTHIER relationship! Again, no pun intended!