How To Find A Good Personal Trainer for You

Looking for a personal trainer can be tough as there are many different types of personalities, education and certification levels as well as matching one to your schedule. But when you find one, they can be inspiring, uplifting and compel you to excel in the area of fitness beyond what you can do yourself. They can also show you a lot if you want to learn how to workout for the first time. They are coaches and can be your motivation to workout when you need it most.

When it comes to how to find a good personal trainer for YOU, let us guide you on how to go about just that! Check out our tips below!


Personality in a trainer is one thing you need to consider usually FIRST almost over any other credential. They are hired at the gym you are a member at, so they at least have enough knowledge to create good results. But you want to find a trainer that you can mesh with. But you want to look out for yourself here and find a trainer that is going to PUSH you. That is why you are hiring one right?

Yes you may find a trainer that you hit it off with right away and have great conversation, essentially compatible. But is this going to get in the way of your goals? Finding a trainer that is exact opposite of you can provide you to constantly have to think differently and workout differently.

So say you are a little more light hearted and approach your workouts that way, then you need to find a trainer that is going to be more direct in their approach. If you are quiet, then maybe you need someone who is a little more vocal to get your engine revving.

A great way to find a good trainer when it comes to personality is to ask yourself the question: “What makes a good coach”. Answering that question and finding a trainer that lives up to the answer that you created around that question will allow you to find the best personal trainer for you.

Degree Type

If you find a trainer who has gone to the lengths to get a degree in areas that relate to muscle science, then you know you are going to be getting a knowledgable trainer. They will be better studied than trainers who do their studying only through a national certification body, which is discussed below. A degree can also show commitment to a personal trainers craft as they have allocated at least 4 years of their lives to attaining the education to train clients. It can also show that they are in it for the long haul. Completing a degree is no simple task. If they have a degree in fitness, it shows that they became a fitness trainer because of passion more than just to make a living.

What Type of Training Do They Have?

There is a ton of different personal training certifications out there, some of which are accredited some of which can literally be done in a couple of days online. Finding out what certification they have is a great way to find what type of educational background they have when it comes to fitness. The top personal training certification programs out there are:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ASSA)

These programs trying their students that allow them to train all different ages levels. They teach them how to train people with disorders, diseases and body ailments, so if you have a disablement or disorder that needs to be worked around during you workouts, they will know how to do so.

Higher Education 

Personal trainers are required to do a certain amount of continuing education hours to maintain their certification status. A lot of times these CEU’s are geared towards specializations that range from training seniors to stabilization to eating correctly and everything in between. When trying to find the right personal trainer, ask what type of CEU’s they trainer has and find one that has training in what YOU need and/or want to get better at.

Scout Out Trainers Before Hiring

If you are already a member at a gym, really become aware of the trainers there. Watch them with their clients and observe which ones would best fit the training style you are looking for. Trainers usually have a uniform on so as you are working out keep an eye on them for a couple weeks before you initially buy a training package.

Free Introductions

Gyms most always provide potential clients as well as new members with the chance to have an intro with a personal trainer. This is the way a gym markets their personal trainers and makes more money. The first session is almost always free.

Take this chance to really get to know the trainer as well as ask them about the other trainers at the club. Also if you didn’t like the style of the personal trainer that you did the intro with, then request a session with another one. Most often than not, the gym you workout at will have no problem allowing that.


This is a kind of an old school way of looking at it, but if you are looking a guy trying to build a lot of muscle than finding a BUFF male trainer is probably going to be the way to go. If you are female who is looking to get more tone, then finding a trainer that looks like what you ideal body type is that is a lady can be the best way to find the best PT for you.

Talking to Past and Present Trainees

Don’t hesitate to reach out to people who are being trained by hired personal trainers or those who have completed their training sessions. You can get an excellent idea of what trainers have to offer this way, helping you make a better choice when hiring your PT.

Not Hiring The Right Trainer 

If you find yourself hiring a trainer and soon after you feel as if you two aren’t a good fit, you can ask the gym coordinator for another trainer. I am a trainer and this has been the case where I have been given clients for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it doesn’t workout, so trying a new trainer can be a better option to finding the right PT for you.

Online Trainers

If you can’t find a good trainer in your area, there is always the option of doing online training. There are many online full time trainers who provide great services. You need to watch out though as many of them will simply create a template for their clients and barely if at all change the template, using the same one for every client. You want to make sure they are going to go off your specific needs, they are called a PERSONAL trainer.