How to Become Anorexic

Before we get started, know that anyone can become anorexic. Although the group that is more prone and most likely are girls between the ages of 10 to 19 years. And this is according to the Eating Disorders Association.

How to Become Anorexic

Before you know the way of becoming anorexic, it would be best to know some basics about anorexic. If someone is anorexic, that means he/she has some eating disorders known as anorexia nervosa, where one believes that they are extremely fat, while actually, it is the opposite. In most cases, women are the ones that get the disease though even men do sometimes. Some of the common symptoms of anorexic people are excessive exercises and drastic weight loss. If this is your situation, you are in the right place because the disease is curable. You can treat anorexic through nutritional counseling, therapy or hospitalization- if the condition is severe. Anorexic people eat little, starve to death, cannot eat fatty food and in the end they lose weight excessively.

A Skinny Girl

This article will not be concentrating on the negative side of anorexia, but rather on the opposite side – how to lose weight safely. When you learn how to become anorexic, safely of course, then there is no doubt that you will cut weight.

The first thing is to understand that losing weight requires you to be persistent, have discipline as well as hard work. Since you will be losing weight, you need to purchase new clothing that will fit your new body size and shape. If you are not able to come up with a great diet to help you on weight loss, you have other alternative.

A Lifetime Meal Plan

When eating, it is important to stop when the hunger is no longer felt. This might sound like a simple statement, but many people wanting to lose weight have difficulty recognizing their natural hunger. Substituting food to satisfy emotional hunger and feelings is absolutely wrong and is especially devestating when trying learn how to become anorexic, so train yourself to be emotionally strong and to not give in.

Measuring the effectiveness of a nutritional plan can be done in the same ways as measuring fitness. Some meal plans are strict about three meals per day, and small, nutritional snacks. Expect to be able to stay on the plan forever; and to feel energetic, non-deprived of any nutrition and healthier. These methods for how to become anorexic require that the person keep the menu fairly simple with high quality food, with few calories, at a good price and attractively prepared to make eating much more fulfilling.

Starting off everyday with a handful of nuts and a cup of coffee, but completely omitting refined sugars, caffeine and carbohydrate is a great substitute for fat-inducing donuts. For lunch, one can cook a marinated tuna steak on a grill with the same style as a barbequed ribs, but much less unwanted fats. A cup of fresh fruits for snacks instead of ice-cream or chips, and a bowl of fresh salad for dinner will help you with how to become anorexic. These meals do not need to take a lot of preparation time. Adding a spray of fresh flowers will make the dining place a delightful, elegant repast.

The following is a diet plans are recommended for people who wants to get anorexia or lose weight fast:

Five Bite Weight Reduction Plan

This is the best way for losing weight and a good diet for those who want to become anorexic. The plan involves simply taking five bites of food at breakfast, five bites at lunch and the same at supper time and the best thin about this is that there is no restriction on the type of food to be used. The rest of the time you can use any drinks that you feel comfortable with as long as they do not contain any calories. It is recommended that when on this five bite weight reduction plan, vitamin supplements, and protein foods are essential.

Air Weight Loss plan

This is the second most effective way of becoming anorexic. The procedure here is simply avoiding solid foods. Just take snacks, fresh air, soup, water and such like. At the same time avoid calorie foods.

Baby Food Weight Loss Diet

This plan involve the use of baby food, especially nutritious foods and those specifically designed for the young babies. It is effective when you use excess of these food stuffs so that you avoid feeling hungry.

Staying Busy

One of the most effective ways to facilitate satisfying and lasting anorexic body is through being busy. People who are determined to lose substantial amount of body fat are motivated by more than just good exercise and disciplined menu. Some are obsessive about the weight loss benefits of burning calories. Others develop a phobia about fat and spend an inordinate amount of time checking themselves in the mirror. This is when jobs that involve physical activities such as lifting, movements and travel become enormously useful.

Combining All

Many women want to highlight body definition, and focus on the mid part- hip, belly and thighs. Many dream of replacing their fat belly with flat abs through whatever means they come across. However, there is no spot reduction for decreasing the fat secreted around hip area. True fitness and weight loss are key factors in how to become anorexic, which means developing lasting habits and attitudes that are satisfying and effective in sustaining results long term. One will probably have to do some active choosing until those old habits get broken and new ones become established.

Take lots of Water

When you take much water every day, you will be able to ‘fool’ your body that it is full. Well, you should not kill yourself with excessive water because that is not a healthy way of becoming anorexic. Before you take water, you should check for warnings written in the bottle. This will help you lose weight healthy without necessarily losing your mind.

Take a Ride

Whenever you feel hungry, you should walk out and go for a ride. During your ride, you should tell your mind that you can manage to wait until later to take your meal or snack. By doing so you will have some time to reflect on whether it was necessary to have taken the calories while at the same time feeling like a warrior because you have overcome the hunger for a whole hour.

Feeling your Bones

You can do this by wrapping your wrists with your fingers or even along the collarbone. This is important because you will be able to gauge your progress of your diet and will deter the habit of eating.

Some exercises done before eating will help a lot. If you exercise before taking your meal or snack, it will give you some time to reflect on what you want and the best time to eat it. Remember not to take more calories than what you have burnt in your exercise.

You should get enough sleep: If you do not sleep, you will be lowering your rate of metabolism you will end up over-eating.