How To Make Money in The Fitness Industry

When it comes to how to make money in the fitness industry, there are many ways you can make a lucrative income. Whether it is your passion or you are just looking for a gig that will pay you bills, the potential is pretty good because a lot of the methods do not have an income ceiling. This means often times you can write your own  check. We created a list of all the way you can earn money and doing it working in the fitness arena. Check it out!

Way To Earn Money In the Fitness Industry

Front Desk

Working the front desk and checking members in and taking calls is the sort of the entrance level of entry in the fitness realm. It usually pays minimum range and provides you with a good opportunity to for growth from being promoted from within if you ever want to work in any different position at your gym.

Membership Sales

This can really be a great spot for those who like to talk to people about fitness and usually has a higher potential for income compared to front desk workers. You can have a more of a set schedule or you could be working more when the gym as busiest hours so that you can have more potential for personal training package sales. You will also deal with both signing up new members as well as providing introductions to new members, showing them what type of equipment there is and sometimes how to use them.

It works well when you know more about machinery in the gym as you will be a better sale when it comes to signing up new members. You get paid off of both signing up new members as well as a commission off of the personal training packages you sell.

Personal Training

In order to make money from the fitness industry from personal training, you will have to have a certification in personal training or a degree in muscle science or a related field. This is for the purpose of hiring someone with a background and training in training clients in a safe manner covering themselves legally. You get a percentage of the package the client purchases. This commission can range from the lower level of 30 percent to upwards of 70 percent.

Independent Personal Trainer

This is usually the next step that gym trainers take when they have gathered enough knowledge and hands on expertise. Being independent will require you to go to clients houses or do you training at parks. This doesn’t limit yourself to only one on one clients, you can also hold group training classes, charging upwards of 10-20 dollars a personal per class!

The best part about this methods of earning in the fitness industry is that you get to keep ALL the commissions and charger whatever you want. This position requires you to have equipment that you can train clients with. Things like exercise bands, medicine balls, some weights, jump ropes, etc. You have to be good at marketing yourself to keep your business up. If you are good enough, word of mouth referrals alone can keep your business going strong.

You can also be an independent PT by talking to gyms and telling them that you will give them a certain amount per training session. A lot of private gyms will allow this and you will be marketing yourselves to a broad audience at the same time.

Club Owner

 Most of those who open up their own gym have cycled through many if not all of the above methods of earning in the fitness arena. You can either fund your own venture, do a joint venture or buy the rights to opening a chain like Gold’s and 24 hour among other chains.

If you do own it outright, you will keep most of the profits. If you do buy a chain it can be a great way to learn the business model but you will either have to give the chain owner a percentage of your earnings or a lump sum each year.

Chain Owner

If your gym takes off and people are loving the business model, you may get to big to only retain a certain amount of number. This is when you either have to expand with a bigger location and/or start a second, third and hopefully many more locations. The biggest and best fitness centers have all started as one location and did very well. Like we talked about above, people have to buy the rights to your centers once you become an owner of a chain of gyms. This is literally residual revenue as they do all of the maintaining of the gym and you reap the benefits each year that the location is open.

Online Fitness Coach

No matter what your goal is, there is always a coach online that focuses on that fitness niche. You can become one as well and earn a good amount of money doing so. This works well when you have gathered experience in the field as well as have had personal experience with a fitness problem(s) that you have solved and now can provided a solution.

Being good at online marketing can help you brand yourself all over the world. Reaching out to different states and countries that you wouldn’t be able to with local marketing and working at a gym.


Once you get addicted to fitness, its a goal to get bigger and better. You can also make a very lucrative income turning pro as a bodybuilder. You can not only earning money from winning shows, you can also get paid from being endorsed by big companies like Gatorade, Optimal Nutrition and more.

Product Creation

You can also earn money from fitness by creating your own fitness products like protein powder, gym equipment and exercise programs and ebooks. You can sell it both through online marketing, partnering with anyone from affiliate programs to having your product on Amazon. The income potential is obviously endless here and can creating income streams on autopilot this way.

Conclusion To Fitness Earnings

These are some of most used methods to earn money in the fitness industry. Now its up to you to secure a spot in fitness and get paid for it! Hope this article showed you some insight to the earning potential in gyms and outside of the gym! Let me know what you think in the comment section below as well as if you have anything to add!