Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

The United States military has a couple of reasons to cover up unidentified flying objects sightings.I am sure many people have wondered and asked their self if there is something else out there.

I think the first reason to cover up a sighting would to be to stop wide spread panic among the general public in the united states.If they did tell us that their are aliens and flying saucers many of us would panic.If the whole public was in an up roar there would be a lot of problems . People would riot stores and take every thing they could to try to survive.In this process many people would be hurt and injured.People may even try to leave cities causing sever traffic congestion.Then there would be the people that take to arms and try to take matters in their own hands and look for theses sightings on their own.

Reason number two they would not tell us is because of military standings.If they do know they exist they would want to keep it a secret so they could develop the alien technology against our adversaries.I feel may be they all ready have.Think about this.Did some one really wake up one day and figure out how to build a computer all on their own?I am not so sure on this my self.If the technology did exist we would not want it in the hands of some one who could use it against the united states.

The third reason I feel that they would cover it up is that you would have every one with an over reactive imagination turning in sightings all the time.This in turn would spread our authorities thin.I am not saying sightings are not for real but there are a lot of lonely and disturbed people out there that are just looking for a reason to talk to some one and get there so called fifteen minutes of fame.

The forth reason is because they do not feel people are ready to handle knowing that other life really does exist.It would literally change the way of the human thought process and tear a whole in every thing we where thought to believe in.May be people would even abandon their faith.It may all so make people question how we got to earth.

There are many reasons for them to cover up so called sightings.If the UFO theory is real I do not know that is for you to decide.