Famous UFO Hoaxes

There’s been countless UFO hoaxes that vary between videos, photos, and so on.
Hoaxes have always been a part of anything we chose to believe but cannot prove it to be true or myth. Such as the lake mead monster, Bigfoot, ghosts, and so on. And at the top of that list, are UFOs. These unidentified flying objects have eluded us as a strange phenomenon. Pictures and video have been sent from all over the world that fuels the idea of UFOs being true. Now I can’t say that all UFO events are hoaxes or not, but I can say that there either genuine or fake. The most famous UFO hoaxes would have to be crop circles.

Crop circles have been a mysterious occurrence that happen in grain farms and seem to be caused almost in complete discreteness. It’s as if out of no where, a crop circle appears. Skeptics announce that crop circles are just simply made by humans with easily acquired tools. The tools of the trade for a crop circle maker are the plank, rope, and knowledge of geometric figures. Many people have came up to claim they are the cause of the crop circles over the world. Most crop Circle makers wait until dark to do there devious work. Depending on the circle size, complexity, and skill of the maker, crop circles can be done in as little as an 1 to 4 hours. It is proven that most crop circles are man made, but that doesn’t necessary mean all of them are.

Aside from all the man-made crop circles, the rest still remain mysterious and up to debate on what could be the cause of them. Scientist offer explanations such as natural earth gases to the magnetic field of the earth causing them. Believers of UFOs offer a more out of this world explanation. They offer the theory of crop circles being signs from alien races beyond our small planet. Not much is known as the reason of these signs, who are giving them to us, or as if it is just one alien colony or several. But one thing is known, is that they cannot be easily swept under the rug and discarded.

Another famous UFO hoax is the crash at Roswell, New Mexico. The crash back in July 7, 1947 is claimed to be the world’s most important event of all time. Back then, the crash was announced to be a UFO. Soon after the military issued to the press that it was a weather balloon and not a UFO. This hoax has been a controversial battle ground for skeptics and believers. There have been pictures, testimonies, and files that have been scrutinized by many so good, that they have discovered new clues to the crash. Even today, the Roswell crash has gained more popularity and has shaped the culture of Roswell, New Mexico. The question still stands if the crash were little green aliens from the heavens, or just plain crash test dummies from a weather balloon crash.

At the end, UFO hoaxes will persist and won’t cease until we have uncovered the truth. Yet, are we ready for the truth, or are we still unprepared for the isolation shell around our quaint world to be shattered. It’s not a question if we will ever make contact with aliens, but a simple question of when.