Famous UFO Hoaxes

It is very hard to distinguish between fact and fiction when you are talking about UFO’s. Most of the time it ends with the word of mouth. Evidence rarely turns up, and we are forced to believe what we want to believe. UFO hoaxes have been uncovered throughout the years leaving many people embarrassed. In my opinion there is only one hoax that has made it to an ultimate famous level. It is a story that made millions of people believe in aliens. It’s the story that captured thirty countries and captivated many experts. I am of course speaking of the alien autopsy footage released in 1995.

August 28, 1995 millions of people would sit in front of their televisions and tune into the Fox network as an actual extraterrestrial laid in front of the camera, ready for dissection. No one could believe it. After fifty years of lies and cover ups, they would finally be able to see a UFO. What they did not know is that the whole film clip was a hoax.

Alien Autopsy: Fact of Fiction was film footage that was supposedly taken in 1947 from the Roswell Base after an alien space craft crashed. The film taken was in black and white and never once showed the actual autopsy that it had promised. The movie that was released to Fox had a lot of commentaries, and not enough footage. The film supposedly was checked by Kodak to make sure it was in fact taken in 1947. Later Kodak told the press that they had never been contacted to do this. They also said that they would be happy to test the film, but no one ever came forward. Experts also found it odd that the film was in black and white when color was in use during 1947. They also were suspicious at the camera work. The entire film was hand held and rather shaky. The military would have been more professional and used a stand.

The man who bought the film was a film producer based in London. His name was Ray Santilli and he was more than excited over his new findings. Everyone bought into the film and watched it in over 30 countries. The guy made a lot of money. For the experts it was easy to see the flaws, but people really wanted to believe it.

In 2006 Max Headroom, a popular announcer in the 80’s, came forward with the real story that turned success into a gigantic hoax overnight. Headroom admitted that he was part of the alien autopsy hoax and that the film was never taken from Roswell. He stated that they filmed the footage at a flat in Camdin which is near London. He also admits that it wasn’t from 1947, but from 1995. Max Headroom wasn’t the only one involved. Several others including Santilli helped place everything together. They created the alien with rubber and stuffed it with animal organs. When they were finished filming the dummy was cut up and thrown into the water.

When reporters tracked down Santalli he quickly stated that he had genuine footage, but it was badly damaged. He wanted people to see what the footage would have been like with a reenactment. Just recently a man has come forward that admitted to filming a similar version back in 1995 which he tried to sell to Santalli. Santalli turned it down and tried filming his own version which is the one we know today.

Santalli was able to fool a lot of people including scientists and historians. Many people wanted to believe that it was real footage. We were betrayed with fancy film work and special effects. It took eleven years before anyone came forward, and in those eleven years there were still a lot of people who thought it was a real UFO. The movie gained a lot of attention and a lot of money making this story UFO’s number one hoax.