Bizarre UFO Sightings

Twenty years ago, Upstate NY my friend and I saw something so totally bizarre, that it almost defies logic. Earthly logic, that is.

She was driving and I was in the passenger seat. Her teenage daughter was in the back seat. It was a nice clear day. We had been talking about UFO’s that day because I had just finished reading Whitley Streiber’s book, Communion.

We came to a red light. We stopped. I turned around to talk with her daughter and through my right-side vision, something so absolutely enormouscan I say massive, something absolutely massive, maybe a hundred feet or two hundred feet in each directionmetallic grey, SWOOPED down across the car with a lightening speed, coming within a fraction of an inch from the windshield.

I was in the midst of opening my mouth to say something when this massive humungous metallic grey object THING (UFO craft?) swept over the hood of her car and was gone. We didn’t even see it disappear. It was like it materialized to stun us and leave us speechless and then was gone.

I turned to my friend driving (the light had just changed) in shockdisbeliefstupefaction and barely said, (not quite believing the words as I uttered them)”I justsawthisthing” and before I could finish my sentence, my friend said, “ME TOO!”

We both practically said at the same timeWHAT-WAS-THAT?

Her daughter was looking out the rear window, day-dreaming I guess about her boyfriend. She didn’t see a thing and thought we were both crazy or making it up.

To this day, I still have no idea what that was. All I know is that this massive thing moved at such velocity with pinpoint precision maneuverability, and I don’t believe that there is ANY earthly craft that is capable of this kind of thing.

I believe that not only are they “out there” but they are capable of listening in on our conversations. Maybe they can even read our minds. I’ve even heard it say that Earth is just their laboratory and we are their lab-rats, and on December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, the world ends. Maybe the UFO Confederation will invade this planet and take us all captive. Oh God I hope not. Not unless their planet is better and more beautiful and kinder and freer than this one.

In the 1970’s, my father who was having lunch with some Dutch pilots on the observation deck in Maiquetia airport in Venezuela, all saw something bizarre. A UFO craft with different colored lights on the side, several miles out on the Atlantic Ocean, the craft appeared making sharp, jagged, digital-like geometric computer movements, insulting the intelligence of every pilot on deck, as if mocking them, maybe saying”Hey Earth people, look at thisthis is what we can docan you do this?” This display went on for about ten minutes, while my father and the pilots were all stunned bewildered and trying to figure it out? It wasn’t a Boeing 747it wasn’t a this or a thatbut what the heck was it?

There were no answers. UFO’s are out there and people who deny their existence are materialists who have never seen one before. Because once you have, you will never deny them. It will always make you wonderthere really is, there must be life in other planets. And they are watching us.

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