Bizarre UFO Sightings

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah has to be the most bizarre modern tale
regarding Ufo phenomena in recent history. I was first introduced
to this tale by the book Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher
and George Knapp. The native americans in the territories around
the ranch will not go near it. They say it is the path of the
skinwalker. A family lived on the ranch and were basically drove
insane from all the paranormal activity of ufos and bizarre wolves
that could not be shot and killed. As well as cattle mutilations by
the scores of dozens. An object was seen floating around the ranch
rectangular in shape and manned by an alien hooded like figure. So many
things have happened on this ranch of jaw breaking proportions. A strange
serpent seen in the waters near the local area. Even big foot has been
spotted there several times. The boss of the mountains termed by the
natives. A hotspot of fury for ufo sightings and other bizarre happenings
this is the Amityville of the new age. It gets alot more interesting
when a millionaire brings in top notch scientists to study the place
under the heated lamp of cameras to catch activity.

The family has moved out of the ranch but still helps the paranormal
scientists there to watch over the place and chronicle the tales
that have been occuring. Cameras are knocked out and destroyed in
strange ways. Whatever that is obviously there does not want to be
filmed! Word is that a Documentary involved Jacques Vallee maybe filmed
there that’s the word on the street. I for one would love to see a movie
about this place really soon. There is one story where a man comes there
to meditate and pray to cleanse the place and he ends up frightened
out of his mind and goes nuts and runs away. This story is the most
interesting ufo tales i’ve read when it comes to new sightings in this
era. I would highly recommend picking up the book for a read. I couldn’t
put it down til the deal was done. The lore A skinwalker is a shape
changing brujo, shaman, witch beings who can become the guise of a human
and animals. This is their land and it’s pretty damned obvious something does
not want them there. No one surprisingly is killed but poor moo moo cattle in
grotesque ways but a few humans do go crazy. Vanished into the land of the lost
so to speak from the happenings of the ranch. I’m ready for a vacation
how about you? You can go to youtube to hear this place mentioned by the
folks at coast to coast am or simply watch tourists who have went there
as well and who asked locals for directions. Definetly a spooky event to
raise the hairs on your spine. Trying to understand it, one must understand
coyote the trickster is definetly present in these haunted lands.