Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

When the topic of UFO sightings comes up there are two sides people take. The side I support which is, the government is behind UFO sightings; or the other side which is that aliens from another planet are paying us a visit.

Many people who I have known who have worked for government defense contractors have told me that the stuff they have seen is much more advanced than the public sees or knows of. Technology is 20 years ahead of the publics knowledge. Some of these sightings could be futuristic aircraft that is being tested by the military. This could either be for the purpose of testing the vessel itself, or for creating public hysteria. It seems a little odd that these sightings only happen in poor countries or remote areas in the desert. Isn’t this the best airspace for the military to use when its testing its aircraft? Out of heavily traveled airspace? Its my guess that it would be.

The “cover-up” part is either feigned because by not confirming or denying it or acting like its so horrible the government can’t let the public know what it was, it creates more fear and makes it a lot easier to control us. It could also be that its a matter of national security and that it can’t be discussed because its technology we are depending on in the future to protect us from perceived enemies. There are several possible reasons why the U.S. Government would not disclose its involvement that have to do with national security or control of the masses, which are the same thing in themselves.

I was going to start this article off with a dog poop in a paper sack analogy. If you didn’t like a neighbor and you were to play this prank on him, you wouldn’t expose yourself. There would be no point in pulling the prank if you did. But, what is the purpose of this kind of childish prank? It’s dangerous and thrilling, its funny, and you might just get your neighbor to move, or go completely nuts so the cops have to come take him away, or he’ll stop being such a jerk after he ruins a few pairs of slippers. One way or another you are going to be in control of this mans reaction. It’s not that hard to believe that even the top levels of government might use alarming, or shocking tactic on society to get a desired reaction.

I have decided one thing though, the next time I get into a debate with someone who wants to credit aliens from outer space for a UFO sighting, I will compromise with that person and say that they are probably right; but they are not only flying unidentifiable objects above our heads, they are also making laws, running for office, living in the White House and walking the halls of Congress.