The best UFO Hunters

The best UFO Hunters would have to be right now in our modern time. Simply The UFO Hunters
the television show from The History Channel. Recently going thru a battle with sci-fi channel
because they to named a show The UFO Hunters. It seems The History Channel has won that suit.
Due to the fact that I haven’t seen another sci fi based show since the pilot and there have
been alot of new shows on The History Channel. UFO Magazine one of the biggest ufo mags on the face of the planet sponsors the show and it’s lead creator runs the show. Going to famous hot spots across the world. Shows have included police officers interviewed who have seen odd circumstances involving ufos and received ridicule from the public for doing so. The show brings in the hard balls to scrape thru terrain to look for hard evidence. Shows have included also The Betty and Barney Hill case and evidence from the case unearthed restudied. We have also seen people claiming to have alien artifacts in their skin have them surgically removed. One object taken out jumped around and avoided the scapel at all costs with a bizarre intelligence.

Certainly this show is making and breaking new grounds when it comes to this phenomena that
so many have scoffed at over the years. Cases involving military personnel have been studied
as well. Ufos dropping debris into the ocean and on the sea shore in one city where the debris killed a man’s dog and ruined his boat. Loving the professionalism of the show I must say
these are the true UFO Hunters going out to the sites and simply declaring Hoax or History? Coming on every night at Wednesday you will find me glued to the television. It actually happens to be the only show I watch these days. We can only hope this show has many seasons
of showing veteran ufo hunters on the prowl and that each new case they crack open brings
shock to the masses. The best ufo hunters I have seen yet to this day besides the one you can find in the books and documentaries. Who all should be recognized for bringing light to these strange mysteries. We can only hope this show is putting those in the government on their tip
toes regarding universal truths they seem to deem we aren’t worthy enough to receive.

With the recent media presence of Ufo sightings being shown on CNN and many other stations.
One must wonder if indeed The History Channel is prepping us for something bigger at hand
that maybe approaching regarding our galactic citizenship in this universe. Are beings from
other worlds prepping us for more to come? Or better yet is our government allowing these
shows to be on the media and the networks to come forth for a bigger evolved reason? President
Clinton was wrote in a top secret document that the number reason ufo info was not coming thru
to the masses was simply put fundamentalist christians. The reason why that they would perhaps
riot and think it was truely doomsday if the truth were let out about the true origins of
earth and our universe and it’s visitors and inhabitants. It is time for change hopefully
these UFO Hunters will give a kick and a punch to the door of secrecy to knock it wide open.