The best UFO Hunters

The best UFO hunters don’t track their quarry, blow it away with a rifle and drag home the corpse to mount on a wall. UFO hunters use a tremendous amount of skill to track down small trails of information through mountains and valleys of books, testimonies and film. They are able to make connections based on these tracking skills. Although their findings are controversial, the best UFO hunters urge us to always think for ourselves.

Budd Hopkins

Budd Hopkins is one of the most legendary of UFO hunters. An artist, not a scientist, Hopkins nevertheless wrote several books that captured the public’s imagination, including “Intruders” (1987) and Witnessed (1996). He collaborated with doctors, scientists and those who claimed to be UFO abduction victims. He helped not only gather information on UFO sightings and abductions, but founded the Intruders Foundation, a non-profit organization to help the victims recover.

Budd Hopkins has also tolerated criticism well and allowed himself to be given psychological evaluations. Although not a scientist, he has helped keep an impressive archive of information on UFOs and alien abductions that would have otherwise been lost. He managed to get people talking.

John Mack

Budd Hopkins shares the UFO hunter spotlight with John Mack, a Harvard psychologist. Unlike other UFO hunters, he did not see one, nor was he ever abducted. He is perhaps best known for winning the 1977 Pulitzer Prize for the biography “A Prince of Our Disorder: The Life of T.E. Lawrence”. He first worked on the psychology of dreams, but was drawn to working with the suicidal, the outsiders and the eccentric members of our society. He discovered that quite a lot of them talked about alien abduction experiences.

Perhaps what made John Mack so brilliant as a UFO hunter was that he was very low-key and not a sensationalist. He did pose the possibilities that a large segment of the population were actually having profound spiritual changes, which somehow manifested in visions of alien abductions. Perhaps belief in UFOs and aliens helped keep us in touch with our humanity in times of great upheaval.

Bruce S. Maccabee

Another top UFO hunter that needs to be mentioned for his influence on UFO research is Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D. He helped establish the Fund for UFO Research in 1979. He has worked with the Navy as well as done private UFO research. He has investigated countless UFO sightings, testimonies and physical evidence.

He’s also a very prolific writer, with his “UFOs Are Real: Here’s The Proof” (1997) and “The UFO/FBI Connection: The Secret History of the Government’s Cover Up” (2000) being his best known works. Love him or hate him, he’s impossible to ignore.