Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

Our military represents security and fortitude, so admitting inferior entities exist would be exposing our weaknesses to be exploited by our enemies. Such strategy and idealism’s are just cause in the eyes of the government to protect itself, using cover-ups like they were just tools of the trade. I think the embargo on UFO existence was once used to prevent mass panic, like what happened when Orson Wells did his radio broadcast of “War of The Worlds.” Some even believe that the technology and information that has been obtained has been exploited to further our military technology, giving us the upper hand in the race for supreme military power. Evidence like the Stealth bomber, Area 51, and recent news reports from other nations like Russia, are making us all rethink whether or not a real secrecy exists.

Sure, there’s always the smallest possibility that it’s all just a figment of our imaginations, and UFOs are nothing more than weather balloons, and other natural occurring phenomenon. There is even a remote chance that almost every piece of footage and documentation that exist on-line has been fabricated to create a mass hoax to fool us all.
Really though, can we be that naive to accept that we are the only existing life forms to co-inhabit this endless span of infinite worlds and galaxies that surround us. The US government has been in the military business far too long, to not consider any possible threat from above. To have the public constituents believe in a higher power would undermine their level of authority, shattering religious and moral beliefs. Would society crumble into panic and fear of the possibility of nearing the end of times? Probably not, but there would be a whole lot of back peddling to explain the long-term conspiracy white-wash.

Maybe the secret has just become too big for our feeble minds to handle; and they really do know more than we have seen and heard from our precious media forums. Other governments like Russia do not tend to hide unexplainable events, such as the Mexico footage taken by a military flight commander Maj Magdaleno Castanon, who caught eleven objects flying in a formation that showed intelligent navigation. He reported that the objects were invisible to the naked eye, but using infrared and radar he was able to track and follow the objects for a considerable amount of time. He was quoted as saying, “I believe they could feel they were pursuing them,” according to words spoken during an interview with the BBC, news correspondent. The video is quite compelling, and even a real cynic may feel a little unnerved to see such obvious evidence.

This and many other undeniable reports from various non-US government agencies, begins to open doors to possibilities that have been kept under lock and key. Could crop circles be real? Have the so-called pranksters been part of a cover-up to make us think that the phenomenon is nothing more than a hoax. How far down the rabbit hole do we have to go to find the real truth? Honestly, no one can give us these answers, but with almost every human possessing some form of media recording device, there has been more evidence piling up that points a finger at the likelihood that the US Military knows more than they have led us to believe. Maybe I am just having a Mulder moment, but I just don’t feel that millions upon millions of witnesses can all be making this up!

So the reasons:

1.) Military strategy, protecting their weaknesses, foreign policies.

2.) Military cover-up, hiding that they have been performing inhumane tests and using alien technology for decades without our knowledge.

3.) Aliens in the White House; OK, even that seems a little far-fetched!

4.) A secret war has been raging between earth and other worlds, and the discovery of this battle would unravel the existence of other beings, dispelling all religions across the planet. The secret would protect us from ourselves.

Whether there is a cover-up or not, this is surely a debate among all, but such men in power may hold the secrets, and the answers that dangle far from our grasps. Men in Black, dark secret societies, and alliances of New World Order; the over abundant conspiracy theories are endless, but who can truly answer the question, when no-one seems to be talking!