Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

In 1947, something happened at Roswell, New Mexico. It became a legend, and that legend has grown into mythic proportions over the last few decades. Thus, the debate rages on.

Whether it was a real-life extra-terrestrial vehicle that crashed, or something more mundane (like a weather balloon), something did happen. Something big. And the US military went into police-like action to cover it up.

Now, in the Roswell case, one has to look at the facts. Construction and testing of top-secret military aircraft happened at Roswell. Just outside of Roswell, we tested the first atomic bomb. And nuclear testing outside of Roswell continued.

If the Roswell incident involved a classified prototype of a new United States military aircraft, I could understand the cover-up. If, though, it were truly nothing more than a crashed weather balloon, why would they go to such lengths?

Many UFO sightings are, in fact, sightings of currently unknown military aircraft. If the government got wind of such a sighting, it would be the military’s duty to cover it up, especially if the sighting garnered media attention.

The question remains, however: Why have they gone to such lengths to cover up genuine UFO sightings?

I’ve heard a handful of reports from retired military officials that speak of unidentified flying objects. As dutiful officers, they filed their reports and got them to the proper brass. But these cases often end in one of two ways: they’re told to keep silent about it and to discuss it with no one, or they receive only silence and the story dies away.

In the early half of the twentieth century, during the Cold War, everyone feared that UFOs might be a new, secret form of enemy attack craft. Some feared the Germans had developed a strange saucer-type of technology and had sold it to Russia. But sightings happened in these countries, too, and all over the world. Russia feared the saucers were new American craft.

So it stands to reason that the government would do cover-ups in order to prevent public hysteria. That much is understandable. But many questions abound still.

Perhaps at least some of the conspiracy theorists are right; or, at the least, they may be on to something. Some say the military copied the technology in the fallen craft at Roswell and used it to develop our modern spy planes and other craft, including stealth fighters and bombers.

I think that is possible. But it could be that they don’t want to admit to anything until they’ve fully determined what we’re dealing with. With all the nonsensical explanations of sightings, however, I doubt such a benign reason.

It’s been said that the US military’s priority concerning UFOs was higher than anything else. I heard that it was more classified than the H-bomb. That seems unbelievable, but if it’s true, the magnitude is staggering.

I’m convinced the military knows something about UFOs (the genuine ones, that is). The question is: What do they know and how does it affect us? Only when we know that can we say with accuracy why they spend so much money and effort cover it up.