Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

There are many reasons why the US military would want to cover up UFO sightings. The American government has been withholding information since the Roswell accident in 1947. And ever since that year, the American public has been yearning to learn what and who were involved in that incident. This of course sparked the awareness inside people of a possible cover-up by the US military. There are 3 main reasons why the military would keep information from being leaked out. One reason is that the information would cause panic within the country and this would cause turmoil along with disaster. The second reason would be because if they told America that UFO sightings are true, the public would want to spend a surplus amount of money on the investigation. And the third reason would be for cover up of technology from foreign countries.

The primary reason, of course, most believe the US military is not paying attention to UFO sightings would be because it might cause hysteria in the media, economy, and public. Consider it for a moment, if the US military decides to announce that UFO sightings have been confirmed to be from out of this world. How would people adapt to the news that we are not alone in the universe. Of course there’s a difference from thinking we are not alone, and knowing we are not alone. So even people aware that aliens exist would be shocked. Shortly after the announcement from the military, people would assume that they are visiting our home planet for devious reasons. The public would air, press, and televise stories that could be true or even made up. It would be bad for the government and the military, they would have to control the situations. Riots would break out, and many would not be able to comprehend the news. Can you imagine it, if you can’t then let me tell you something. This exact event has happened before in our countries history. When an unprecedented news story about Mars invaders was aired on the radio of millions of American citizens. Many believed it to be true, and unable to cope with the news, people went into a hysterical state of shock. Of course the story was a lie, but they didn’t know that until soon after the story finished.

But what if trying to protect America from being thrown into chaos by the news of UFO is not true. The military would cover UFO sightings for another reason. This reason might be because the military doesn’t want to get involved with investigating UFOs at the moment. Currently, our country is in a big debt, there’s high demand for oil, and we are even in a war with Iraq. The demand for knowledge by the public would want to make more investigations toward UFO sightings. I don’t blame the military for not wanting to investigate UFOs right now because there are more top priorities than this issue, but they should at least be honest about the fact about UFO sightings and announced they are happening. If they are happening, the government should tell citizens they cannot further investigate UFOs until the current problems are settled. Even so, if the military does not chose to provide us with information, it is because they have another motive in mind.

If the US military is covering up UFO sightings, why wouldn’t they just tell us? The last possible reason I can conjure up is because of foreign nations. In the world we live today, it is possible for information to be sent around the world in an instant. Whose to say there aren’t terrorist in America as you read this. If the military knows, or assumes, this to be true. They might want to keep UFO sightings a secret. For example, you wouldn’t want your enemy to know something beneficial that you do know. The military could be already reverse engineering space craft from out of this world already captured in the past. If other countries were to find out, then they would attack American cities to find out the information our secret government has found out.

I personally have a theory of why the US military is covering up UFO sightings. The government is to unprepared to deal or handle the situation. This can cause future problems because we, as citizens of America, would demand protection of these mysterious outer space visitors. That’s why they are dealing with this problem by simply sweeping it under the rug. But I say that’s an irresponsible act. If they avoid this situation further, America will rebel in the search for the truth. And that’s when problems will truly arise. At the end, it’s an endless list of why would the US military cover up UFO sightings. If I could, I would change the title to “why wouldn’t they cover up UFO sightings?” to appropriately target the issue.