UFO Contact are we Ready


There are many stories written about people who have experienced unexplainable light phenomenon. Two types exist, objective and subjective, that is, some lights are seen out there’, with the physical eye and some are seen in the mind’s eye, within.’ Some experiences happen in near death situations, where someone who clinically dies regains consciousness and relates having seen a white light. Some people see lights in the sky which behave in an unusual manner and are called unidentifiable flying objects, UFO’s. Some people see apparitions or religious figures in the presence of lights. Others see dazzling inner light during meditation, and others sometimes see light while taking psychedelic drugs.

Among the many explanations for these light phenomena (LP), a common thread exists, mystery. There seems to be no scientific explanation telling us what the LP really is.

In science there are ways of dealing with unexplained phenomena, which is to theorize, hypothesize and calculate. For instance, science cannot explain what gravity really is. It cannot be seen, but its behavior can be mathematically calculated so gravity can be used. Sir Isaac Newton, in 1684, used his theories and hypothesis to predict that would happen when an apple fell from a tree. Gravity is explained as one of the four basic forces in nature.

Interestingly, few scientists have approached LP as they have gravity. This is not surprising considering that those who attempt to address LP, risk their jobs and careers. Some have been considered eccentric or to be losing it’ when they did.
Two major themes arising from attempts to explain LP are religion and UFOlogy. Both groups feel very strongly about their interpretations of this phenomenon. In some instances these groups overlap.

One wonders what a scientist such as Newton would come up with if the were to study LP. One such scientist in the late 1800’s, Richard M. Burke M.D., attempted a fairly significant study. The resulting book contends that humans go through some kind of a change, or metamorphosis (my word) in which their consciousness evolves. He points out the expansion of man’s ability to see colors and conceive of more complicated music down through the centuries. He also points out significant changes, an evolution in consciousness, in great men of the past who, at a certain age went through a sudden change. These changes could be detected in their writings. Most of theses changes in consciousness are accompanied by experiences with LP. Some of these LP experiences were objective and some were subjective.

In nature, we are used to seeing the metamorphosis of creatures which are born in one form, and change to another. The butterfly is an example. Hatching from an egg, the caterpillar eats until it is grown, spins its cocoon, is dormant, and then emerges in the form of a butterfly. Its sole purpose as a caterpillar is to eat and grow. The sole purpose of the butterfly is to reproduce; to mate and to fly up to the trees where they lay their eggs.

Following this line of thinking, if it were conceivable for humans to metamorphose, what would be the purpose for each phase? Since humans live more by their brains than animals, could it be that mental growth is the object of the first phase, our caterpillar’ stage? Humans do appear to go through several phases in the womb before birth. In one stage we actually have gills like a fish. Could it be possible that other changes are to be expected? If so and if they are concerned with the brain, maybe our consciousness does evolve, but into what?

Following our model of metamorphosis, what would be the next stage for mental evolution? In physical nature, procreation exists to reproduce the species, to insure the continuation of life. Perhaps there is a form of procreation which takes place mentally, to insure the survival of consciousness. Visualizing consciousness is just as difficult as picturing gravity. It is, like gravity, an abstract concept, a force. If consciousness is reproducing itself as a part of its metamorphosis, then what form will this evolved consciousness take, or will it be formless? Could you see it?

Perhaps we could even go further and consider that consciousness that has evolved sufficiently, would not need to occupy a body. Perhaps it would become pure energy or light, an LP. Perhaps this soul would no longer need a physical body.

Life goes in cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth or recycling of energy in other forms. Have you looked around lately? There are a lot more people around now than there were in the Garden of Eden. Is it possible that our consciousness evolves to create new souls, who might enter a new born child, or a dolphin or other sentient, conscious beings? Maybe some who enter bodies are reincarnating. Perhaps evolved souls can choose not to enter a body.

Religious stories indicate that we are supposed to strive toward evolving our consciousness, to care for our souls. Some stories indicate that someone will come to gather up our souls and take them somewhere special. Most of us just assume it is our own personal soul that will be delivered up, but maybe it is only the offspring of our souls that they will come for.

As for the UFO stories, is it possible that we are incubating souls to populate the Universe with? Are we being harvested and if so, how do they do it? In the movie Ghost Busters, they had machines to capture spirits, LPs, with. I would imagine capturing a free spirit would require some kind of alluring technique, something to attract them. Maybe they use little gadgets, little boxes, or maybe they just send androids that need souls. Or maybe they send pregnant females here to give birth, hoping to attract a new soul into her.

There is an ancient, Hermetic saying from the Emerald Table which says, “As above, so below.” With a little imagination, maybe we really can know what it means.