UFO Contact are we Ready

When man appeared on the earth, he gazed into the sky and saw the sun, moon, stars, comets, shooting stars and other phenomena of God’s creation. One day he looked up and saw something that defied explanation, an unidentified flying object, something that kept happening throughout history.

In July of 1947, such an object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. All sorts of tales abound about it. At first, the government said it was a flying disk. Then suddenly it turned into a crashed balloon, the bodies that fell out dubbed test dummies. Officials woke up the president to tell him a test balloon crashed and test dummies, not yet invented, died? That story defies belief.

What does our government know? Are intelligent life forms from beyond our galaxy watching us? What are their intentions? Did some of our presidents really meet secretly with aliens from outer space? Many people want to know.

The government wears a double face when it comes to UFOs. For many years, they worked to dismiss and ridicule people who saw anything. They declare UFOs a hoax, a puff of swamp gas, dishes hanging from a tree with fishing line, or a delusion of some guy sitting on the edge of swamp with a twelve pack of beer.

On the other hand, many people tell stories of government investigators swarming over a possible landing site, threatening people not to tell what they saw, and strange endings for people who talked too much. No one knows the truth about these claims, as some of these stories may be a try for fifteen minutes of fame.

We want to know what our government knows. Full exposure simply states whether, or not, UFOs exist as carriers of intelligent life forms from other galaxies in the universe and the implications of such visitors for our planet, our societies, and our ways of life.

Some factors show that the government may be toying with the idea of “telling all.” The popular science fiction movies we started seeing in the 1950s conditioned us to the possibilities and we become used to the concept that we belong to a much larger universe teeming with super intelligent creatures.

As in all conditioning, desensitization occurs with repeated exposure to an idea. For instance, murders and mayhem no longer shock many people today after viewing countless killings on television week after week.

A second indication is a spate of reports in mainstream news media in the last few years, with such stories as the Phoenix lights, and the sightings at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. More recently, many people in the Tampa, Florida area saw a triangular formation of lights with a red light shining from the middle. Late night radio hums with rumors that the government plans to make full disclosure in 2009.

Such disclosure could throw the world into chaos, shock, dismay and wide spread panic, and cause many to question their religious beliefs, not considering the awesomeness of God’s handiwork but limiting Him to this laughable planet.

As members of the human race, we concentrate on our own needs and problems, often blaming others and turning on them, because we have no other reference points. We hurt people different from us. Wars, riots, fighting, and criminal behavior run rampant.

It takes a threat to the whole human experience to make people stop their bickering, pool their resources and work together to meet it. After the terrorist attacks on the twin towers, members of Congress stood together on the capital steps and sang together. People emptied their pocketbooks to help victims of 9-11 and the monster hurricanes. Humanity rises to the occasion when needed and we will find ways to deal with this menace.

Any divulging of government secrets must show restraint and a consideration for national security.

Evidence leans heavily in favor of visitation from beyond our galaxy. We feel entitled to know things that affect our very lives. Must we wait for an incident to happen on the level of the movie “Independence Day” to find out the facts? It showed people cooperating to defeat the common enemy, space aliens invading earth.

We are ready to hear the truth. Please, elected officials, tell us what you know.