UFO Contact are we Ready

With the mainstream movies and other entertainment devices involving much interaction with UFOs and aliens in general; humanity itself is constantly looking at contact with another life form as fictitious. Movies such as Independence day and games like Destroy All Humans portray UFOs and aliens as apocalyptic invaders. On October 30th, 1938, Orson Wells did a radio play broadcast of the War of the Worlds and the United states experienced mass hysteria in response to this. With such reactions to the fictional existence of UFOs and aliens, how can we expect Humans to react to contact with real aliens with anything but fear?

It is Human nature to fear the unknown and UFOs encompass a large area of what we see as unknown. For example if a ‘UFO’ landed in the middle of the street, what is more likely to roll down the street? A welcome-wagon? No. What will most likely appear is a military response to an unknown threat. It is only safe to presume that humans will always see such things as a threat to our existence unless there is undeniable proof that they are friendly. Even then we will taken precautionary measure just in case they turn out to be hostile.

In a world where we view our neighboring countries with fear and animosity, are we really ready for another variable to appear in the balance of the world? What we need to ask is whether the whole world itself is able to overcome it’s own problems to come up with a logical response to a UFO contact? Humans as a species need several more generations to see whether we united or divide when something potentially affects the whole planet.

The problem with the entertainment we all consume in this regard is that responding to alien contact with friendship and open arms normally ends up with invasion. Those of you who have seen Mars Attacks would agree. As much as we would like to paint ourselves as a peaceful culture and society we all know that military response will be the first thing we look to when first contact is potentially made. It is the only ‘safe’ precaution we will see. We do not know these beings. What there intentions are. What they even view as friendly conduct.

Finally, as individuals we can pretend that we are ready, but as a nation, as a continent, as a world; are we really ready for such a life changing contact? Such contact would mean life of earth would change forever. Now the question shifts to: Are we ready for the world to change?