What Constitutes UFO Evidence

If one were being interrogated or questioned regarding a UFO sighting, the description of the UFO would be taken in to consideration and all others aspects regarding the sighting. How close one was to the UFO, would be critical, because a more descriptive explanation could be given regarding the sighting.

Over the years of sightings, there has been no hard physical evidence or proof that Unidentified Flying Objects exist. All accounts of sightings that are reported to the media have not unearthed any hard facts that UFO’s or aliens, as most associate with UFO’s, are present or ever were on this Earth.

Pictures of sightings of UFO’s have been taken over the years and shown on national television, but not solid evidence, due to the quality of the photo and the positioning of the camera lens. If UFO’s have entered in to United States air space, they would be traveling at a high velocity, which would make it almost impossible to get a clear picture. One would have to know the exact time and point of entry to have the right lens to get a clear picture.

Hypnosis has been another method of accumulating evidence to prove alien abduction from UFO’s. Although much information has been accumulated over the years through hypnosis regarding UFO sightings and abductions, no physical evidence has been established. Without physical evidence, as in any case study, it is merely hear say and soon forgotten.

True evidence would have to be physical, such as a foreign material not found on this planet and liken to a spacecraft. Evidence from UFO’s, if being concealed from the world, would definitely be physical or metal in nature.

The belief that Crop Circles are evidence of UFO landings on our planet is still being disputed and inconclusive, as no hard physical evidence has been obtained from any of the locations.

My sighting of a UFO at the age of six would be dismissed as childish imaginations. It was not a plane. It was not a helicopter. It was not a balloon. It was not a jet. What it was I do not know, but it was very shiny and cylindrical in shape and hovered in the air for a very long time. So long that my brothers and sisters and I became frightened and ran to the house. It stayed there for a very long time and we would look out the window every once in a while to see if it was still there. Of course, my Uncle was there and made matters worse by saying, “The aliens are coming to get you”.

The object finally disappeared and never returned. But, there is no hard evidence to support what I saw. My sisters would be considered witnesses. But, it’s like an age-old story you tell around the fire ring when you are camping that has no meaning or relevance other than the entertainment it provides at that moment.