What Constitutes UFO Evidence

What evidence would be good enough to prove once and for all that UFOs exist? It would be specimens of alien corpses or discovering technology that uses materials not found on Earth. This evidence would be able to stand up to a lot of tests on DNA, carbon dating or whatever testing anyone wants to give it. If the answers to all of the tests point towards a non-terrestrial origin, it is then possible (but not impossible) that the origin might have been from off of the planet.

Unfortunately, no such evidence currently exists. There are UFO conspiracy theories that state that aliens dead and alive along with their craft and technology are stored in secret bunkers. However, there’s no evidence to lend credence to those theories other than hunches and guesswork. All testimonies by people are immediately under suspect because we all contain the capacity to lie (even when strapped to a lie detector).

Photos and Films

Since you can’t trust what people say, can trust what they film? UFO photos usually turn out to be fakes. Any films touted as UFO evidence tend to be blurry, shaky and out of focus, so you can’t really tell what is being filmed. Any films more than a few seconds long, such as the much-touted “Alien Autopsy” are more unintentionally hilarious than proof of aliens visiting Earth.

The main problem is that we are searching for something that is truly alien which means it probably will not look like what we expect it to look like. If a film or photo shows a craft that looks like what we expect a UFO to look like, then it should be viewed with suspicion.

Radar Evidence

But what about the evidence of UFOs picked up by radar equipment? There are hundreds of radar reports each year. All of those strange blips and Pong-like rectangles have to be reported because of National Security in case those blips turn out to be a war craft from another country.

Unfortunately, this also does not prove to be very convincing evidence of the existence of UFOs. Radar equipment is designed to pick up anything moving in the sky, including balloons and large flocks of birds. They also can quite easily pick up any drug planes that would not have filed a flight path and even the infamous “Lawnchair Larry” Walters of Darwin’s Award fame.

Radar equipment is very sensitive and, unfortunately, aging. The entire air traffic control system has a lot of problems, including faulty equipment. And there are not a lot of qualified air traffic control personnel. The results are employees who are overworked, underpaid and under trained. A lot of radar UFO reports seem to be the result of a combination of human and mechanical error.