What Constitutes UFO Evidence

– The Main Evidence –

There are a lot of options in considering UFO evidence. Photographs or video footage of the unidentified flying object are always good. The photographs or video would need to be studied by an expert in order to rule out a hoax, or to find out if your photo is of something else other than a UFO. This type of evidence should be provided along with witnesses who have seen the UFO. There are scientific monitoring stations set up for the analysis of evidence relating to UFO encounters.

– Radar Evidence –

Radar evidence is also significant in the process of analyzing UFO sightings. In 1994, a pilot witnessed a UFO while flying at 11,700 meters, the incident happened just Southeast of Paris. The pilot, co-pilot, and a steward on the plane all witnessed the sighting. The pilot described the object as being a huge disk with fuzzy edges. Radar information backed up the claim that there had in actual fact been an object as the pilot had suggested. The object was detected by radar for 50 seconds. The pilots calculations of when the UFO was spotted corresponded with detection by the radar. By using radar, evidence can be significant, especially when comparing the radar recording with witness statements.

– Examining the Evidence –

Microscopic and visual examination of the UFO landing sight can lead to evidence that a UFO has been present. The soil will be analyzed to determine whether it has compacted due to heat. The area will be examined, and the depth of the soil will be noted. The location of the tracks also needs to be taken into consideration to rule out any hoaxes. If, for example, it is on a farm, then there is a possibility that the tracks could have been made by some type of farm machinery. By taking measurements scientists will gather the evidence necessary to determine if a UFO has landed in the place they are researching.

– Objects Left Behind –

Analysis of any materials that may be found around the location of the UFO sighting. It is important to look at any debris found at the scene, and the debris should be tested in laboratory conditions. There could have been metal that has fallen from the UFO, or a suspected UFO crash where evidence needs to be gathered in order to determine the true facts behind the findings. This type of evidence needs to be looked at careful so that possible hoaxes can be ruled out.

– Research –

Project Hessdalen was established by a small group of five people, in 1983. Along with assistance from the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, and the University of Oslo they set out to investigate, and gain evidence in regards to UFOs. They had observation stations where they would use equipment, such as, camera, infrared viewers, spectrum analyzer, seismograph, radar technology, and more when gathering evidence. During a period of four days they saw unexplained lights on ten separate occasions. There are still reports coming in from Hessdalen today and other more sophisticated forms of technology will be incorporated into further research of UFOs at Hessdalen. This project is a major help in receiving evidence in relation to UFOS.