UFO Contact are we Ready

The most compelling and top thought of question surrounding UFO contact, are we ready?
Are we ready to accept the fact we are not the only intelligent life forms in the universe we inhabit, and yet are just new borns into a much larger advanced society in space. Are people going to tolerate new forms of life and even learn to accept it? The answer to the question varies within people and how they perceive the issue of UFOs. In my opinion, people that believe in UFOs will surely learn to adapt to UFO contact. Skeptics and non believers might be thrown into a world of confusion and disbelief, such as they start questioning all reality and logical thinking.

If we are ready for UFO contact, what might they be like. Would they be a highly advanced civilization offering our world salvation to war, famine, and cures. Or will they just use us for there own experimentation. Many people believe that if an alien civilization has advanced so far, they would have no need for violence and war. But in the other hand, Hollywood has fueled the idea that when we achieve contact with UFOs, the outcome will be catastrophic for us humans. Whose to say which ones true or not, but one thing is certain, it’s not a question if we are going to make contact with UFOs, but a question of when.

When is the big money prize question, already we have experienced many UFO occurrences such as crashes, sightings, and phenomenon such as crop circles and abductions. Eye witnesses have also been the top source of UFO knowledge describing UFOs in various shapes, ways, and forms. Some claim to have seen them as small disc shaped figures ranging to large triangular figures. From my knowledge, I think the earth is being visited by not just one alien life, but many. UFOs also imply the fact that extra terrestrials exist as well. And this idea might not be so far off as thought before. Scientist have discovered trails of water, that used to flourish on the surface of Mars at some point in its history. And since Mars is pretty close to where are planet is, it might have been a great candidate for alien life. Scientist have also discovered that living organisms can live in harsh environments such as Neptune’s harsh moon, Titus. Where living organisms were discovered under the ice layer, inside the water of the moon.

So alien life form is not as science fiction as said before. So how will life change for us if when at least the majority of our race are ready for UFO contact. The only thing I can truly say with confidence is when we make contact, the start of the new history will begin. Now, it isn’t necessary the scenario that aliens will land on earth and present themselves to us. We might make contact via communications in space. If they aren’t as advanced as we think, it would be frustrating to know another world exist beyond ours, but we will never be able to reach them. Things might vary as well, such as culture, appearance, and language. Many people have gotten the idea aliens will speak English from movies and shows.

At the end, one must be mentally prepared for the unknown in the future. The day we make contact with another species. Many people say, if aliens have already been watching us for quite a while, why haven’t they appeared to us already? My answer to that is simply, because humans are to violent. They have studied are kind and probably came to a conclusion that we are war prone to the unknown. This might be the primary concern of why they have subsided for all these years. Theories have unraveled saying that aliens will be our saviors to aliens being our greatest enemy. To speak for the whole human race, I think we are ready for UFO contact.