UFO Contact are we Ready can’t Wait


Are we ready? Judging by the misunderstandings of whether most folk are ready for UFO contact, the answer would be no.

There is still far too much misconception pertaining to the reality of this subject, that to date, it remains just one big question mark. Mostly as Government cover-ups; which is proof though they ‘try’ and find out how these UFOs work, but in failing, only cover-up their own mistakes. Yet, nothing has to be covered up, if it is real!

Perhaps it is this cover-up – or shut-up – approach, which amplifies the fact they themselves are definitely not ready. Yet they search ‘Outer Space’, and probe even beyond where an earthling can yet travel, with ‘hope’ on their golden disks of ‘Greetings from Planet Earth’. Greetings to who, if they aren’t ready to come face to face?

Perhaps they fear mass panic as seen in SciFi movies. There have been too many negative movies etc. to blow anyone’s mind on this subject. Even though amongst them, a few belong to the real; and are portrayed a little closer to the truth.

Any who have had encounters here on Earth with the real ‘human form’ of a very undignified term, called ‘Alien’ – as anyone from any country on earth, without permit to be in another’s land space are also termed aliens – could report a friendly meeting.

These earthlings would at least be prepared, and even ready for a Cosmic Cousin arriving in their UFO representation of a higher Intelligent Space Craft. With the occupants being human-like themselves, they would more than likely look forward to another visitation, even if they had no idea of when.

There is no doubt some reports of abductions have been quite terrifying – and these cannot be blamed – but the guarantee is, that if the shoe was on the other foot, governments or some scienists, would strip an Alien to the bone, to see how they work!

Ready or not, I doubt for one second it would be ‘the Alien’ who shoot first, as earthlings seem to carry the biggest fear, and history of, whenever such reports of seeing a UFO (or it’s occupants,) come too close for comfort have done too often.

As for others who were not ready, yet claim to have encountered close-ups, with any magnetics and electricals running wild in their motor vehicles; even reported radiation burns, lost time, or been left with a fear of their own unknown. They are not to be blamed either. Anything unknown can be a frightening experience.

Obviously none of these were ready for any form of encounter, even if one (the UFO/Aliens,) were just letting them know ‘they do exist’. Especially if they are capable of being here one second and out of sight the next; which is just non existent on earth as we know it. Time on earth has no measurement within the Space Time Dimension.

This would leave one wondering where/what/how and why about all such sightings. But are we as a whole, ready? No. Are some who have witnessed enough to believe in them, ready? A few. Or those whose experience have not left them terrified. Maybe?.

But really ready? Yes; there are those amongst us today who have had good encounters. These can’t wait… for more!