UFO Contact are we Ready

Are we ready for UFOs? The simple answer is No, we are no where near ready.

Firstly, we are not united under one banner as you might say. If UFOs arrived for war they would be met by different armies with different ideas and ways of doing things. What we need is a world government and a world defense force something like; EDF Earth Defense Force. We also need to make sure that we have set world policies in place for dealing with UFO contact. If everyone did things differently then we would get:
a.) Puzzled Aliens by all the different people and ideas that would be used.
b.) World War III as people would argue over “landing rights” for the UFO craft and so claim all goods on board to be theres.
c.) Large companies would offer different prices and we would have an alien produce price war.

To prevent this we really need to come together as one world and get ready.

Secondly, who should pay? If the aliens sell goods to us who should be allowed to buy them? Who knows what these goods could contain? They could be poisonous and we wouldn’t know until someone died. Governments may take over and we would have a clash between who can afford to buy the most produce from the green man standing on our space station.

Thirdly, how would we speak with them? If two people who could not talk arrived as salesmen at your house you would be a little stumped at what to say and do. Well the same is true with UFOs would we shoot them? Would be shake hands with them? Without any knowledge of UFOs we have little hope of being able to communicate with and work out whether they are asking for war of whether they are asking us if we want to buy some Ariesnoklpl-56849 Cheese.

What we need to do is group together and form some kind of action plan in order to allow us to make sure we are properly ready. We are not ready at the moment and it will take some time before we are. One policy for the world and one idea, that’s what we need in order to survive alien contact on Earth. We do not want to start world war III so we really need everyone to help put together a world policy for UFO contact, now and for the future.